Meet the team Desiderate - Dannielle

Meet The Team - Dannielle

Meet Team Desiderate

Say hello to Dannielle

Dannielle is part of our Dispatch and Customer Service Team and always has a wonderful smile on her face, we've asked her a few questions so you can get to know her 🙂

Why did you want to join the desiderate team?

I love the gem jewellery and the position worked perfectly to fit in with my family life, it's close to home and my hours are flexible which allows me to not miss special events like my children getting awards at school assemblies.

How long have you been at Desiderate?

I started in October 2021 and have been here for a while now, time flies!

How do you achieve success in your role?

I try to do things the best way that I can, and love delighting our customers and chatting and hearing their stories.

What do you love about what you do?

It's been challenging learning new skills after being mostly a stay-at-home mum for a while, and I've found that I love learning new things, putting my brain to work and developing computer skills. Also, I love looking at the beautiful gems all day, being part of a team and getting to know our customers.

What is your favourite gemstone?

Rose Quartz is definitely my favourite gemstone, I love that it represents love, all kinds of love. Family love, romantic love and, importantly love for yourself and looking after ourselves. The colour is gentle, and beautiful and it makes me happy.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I played basketball and represented the Sutherland Sharks in America, I loved the social side of playing and met my husband while working in the basketball canteen.

What Dannielle says about working in Customer Service/Dispatch at Desiderate

“Communication is important, customers understand that repairs and replacements take time, as long as you communicate with them. By responding quickly to issues, I give our customers the confidence to buy again, because they know if there’s any kind of problem, I will give it my personal attention to fix it for them as quickly as I can. 

“For example, recently a customer purchased a ring that was low in stock and I realised the last item was damaged. So I contacted the customer to offer alternatives, like a refund or a similar product as an alternative. It’s that kind of personal attention that customers love. I always try to contact customers via as many avenues as possible, so email, call and text — because we all know how easy it is to miss messages. 

“I am very fussy when picking products, I want customers to have the absolute best. I always put myself in the customer's mind and think, ‘If it was me buying, would I want to get that?’ 

“So I check each stone to ensure it’s cut properly and has no scratches, blemishes and imperfections. I check the claws to ensure the stone is well set, otherwise, it’ll fall out later, and we’ll have to deal with a return, repair or replacement. I give them a good polish so they look amazing when the customer opens their order. 

“With pick and pack, I always want three things. First, to be fast, so I can get through the orders for the day. Second, to have each order looking beautiful for the customers. And third, to be accurate. I've made very few mistakes in my time here and I don’t intend to change that —I am very proud of my long streak of accurate packing.

“I love getting to know customers and always enjoy chatting with them. One customer spoke to me about the meaning of gemstones, particularly onyx, and I learned a lot from that conversation! I know our regulars and their taste. Some buy all the bangles, others love to collect gemstones. One customer Giselle bought so many bangles Janine named a new product after her. When we release new products I predict which customers will buy them, and then I’ll see their name on an order a few days later and know I was right!

“With customer service, it’s important to be very friendly but still assert boundaries. Customers do push their luck and I have perfected the art of saying no in a nice way. I worked in a fish and chip shop previously, which gave me plenty of experience in dealing with difficult customers! I love that I don’t come home smelling of hot chips after working at Desiderate too!”


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