Peridot rings galore

Our peridot rings are all made with gleaming sterling silver, providing a harmonious contrast that commands attention. Every time the luscious zesty green sparkle catches your eye, your mood will be instantly lifted. Our chunky bold peridot ring features a classic square cut, while our trilogy peridot ring features two adjoining hammered silver bands. The boho inspired mahtava peridot ring is extra vibrant thanks to the half-bezel cut that allows extra light to refract into the gemstone. 

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Australia’s leaders in peridot jewellery 

Looking for high quality peridot jewellery? Desiderate is a family-owned, female-led, small Australian business with a wide range of peridot jewellery made to the highest standards. Our collection of boho and beautiful jewellery includes peridot rings, peridot bracelets, peridot earrings, peridot rings and more. 

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Truly stunning peridot earrings

The bright sparkle of a peridot earring makes an impact. The beautiful greens look perfect alongside any skin tones, but are really something special on redheads or anyone with green eyes. For truly vibrant peridot earrings, you can’t go past the bold or mahtava range, with large gemstones that glitter and dazzle at every angle. Or the more feminine choices of the peridot tear drops  or bijou peridot studs are utterly delightful. The ava peridot earrings present a captivating sheen of sterling silver along the forest green peridot that is unusual and captivating. 

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Go green with envy over our peridot necklaces

The crisp fresh greens of peridot are cut to perfection, allowing the depth of shade that evokes a Granny Smith apple or cut lemongrass stalk. Known for their qualities of success, luck and peace, a peridot necklace worn close to your heart will help soothe nerves, dispel anxiety, improve sleep and perform well under pressure. 

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Peridot: birthstone for November 

The peridot birthstone is November, making it the gem of choice for Scorpios and Saggitarians. The peridot birthstone relaxes and soothes complex and deep-thinking Scorpios, while also helping adventurous Saggitarians become more grounded and stabilised. 

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