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How To Choose The Right Bangle Size

You know what's highly annoying and time consuming and painful? 

Choosing the wrong bangle size 


You're all excited to get your new bangle, or gift it to a friend and then... it doesn't fit.

Sure, first word problems and we know there are much worse things that can happen...but still. 

You'll have to return it.

Which means going to the post office. 
Which sucks.
You'll have to wait in line.
You'll have to pay return postage.
Then you'll have to wait for your new bangle to arrive. 

The thing about choosing bangle sizes is...

We don't mind processing returns, we're fast and super nice to deal with. But, like with any exchange with an online retailer, you need to pay return postage and you'll have to wait while the replacement is posted to you. 

And if you're anything like us, you don't like paying extra costs unnecessarily, and you don't like waiting for shiny pretty things. You want those silver bangles on your wrist where they belong. Not in postage back to the retailer. 

Plus, it's doubly important when it's a gift. It's such a letdown when your giftee-recipient-person loves your bangle but it's too big or too small. 

Is this you?

How to choose the right bangle size

Yes? Then, you want to know how to get your bangle size right, first time. 

Here, once and for all, is the way it's done. 

How to choose the right bangle size

Step one
Get a bangle. (One that fits you of course.)
Step two
Get a ruler.
Step three
Measure the inside diameter of the bangle. 


Yes, it's simple, but believe us when we say: it's the best and only way to do it. 

We know, it can be a bit time consuming. Even more so if you're gifting a bangle for someone else. But, if you don't like the hassle of measuring the diameter of a bangle you really are not going to like the inconvenience of sorting out a return at the post office. 

How to choose the WRONG bangle size 


You don't have a bangle, or you can't be bothered finding a bangle, so you guess. Risky move. You could get it right, and you'd be lucky. 

One in five people get the bangle size wrong. That's twenty percent of people who buy a bangle who did not choose the right size. Not good odds. 

Use a bracelet instead 

Wrong! Bracelets are flexible and can move over your wrist. Chunky bangles can't. So, don't use a bracelet to measure diameter when you are buying a bangle. Why-oh-why don't they teach this stuff in school? *shakes fist at sky* 

Measure around your wrist

No. No. No. No...The bangle has to fit over your knuckles, see? Your wrist may be slender but your career as a kickboxer may have given you knuckles like Mike Tyson. You want a bangle that fits over your knuckles. 

Trace around your fist

Uh-oh, this is a one way ticket to the return form. This will create a much larger (and not circular) shape than you need. Nope to that. Even if you take off a few centimetres off your measurement, it's well and truly guesswork, and we've already explained why that's wrong. 

Focus on the size, not the number 

Unfortunately, not all bangle sizes are the same measurements. Sizes vary due to the cut of the bangle, so the small from a different retailer may be a different size in Desiderate. If you know the measurement you can't go wrong. 

How to get a bangle when you don't have one to measure the right size

It's true. There are people in the world who don't own a single bangle. We were shocked when we learned this. It's like the day you found out that Axl Rose (from the band Guns 'N Roses) created his stage name using an anagram of oral sex. Shocking huh?

Anyway, if you don't have a bangle to measure, here are your options:

Grab a bangle from the op shop.
Borrow from your mum, flatmate, sister, cousin or friend.
Ask a work colleague or two to bring in a bangle or two (more options means better size measuring opportunities). 
Visit your neighbour with a ruler, a bottle of gin, soda and fresh limes for a little bangle measuring tête-à-tête.
Buy two or three bangles and return the ones that don't fit. No wait, this is the same level of inconvenience as exchanging. So no, don't do that.

Another, but not as reliable way to get a bangle that fits - Please understand that we DON'T recommend these methods.

      1. Scrunch your hand up like you're about to put a bangle on, all of your                    fingertips and thumb together.

      2. Measure around the widest part of your hand with a tape, string or strip of              paper. Make sure you get this very snug or it will be too big.

     3. Use this guide to get an idea of the circumference of your hand and make              sure to choose a bangle with a diameter at least 5mm larger diameter size.

  • 19cm equals approximately 60mm diameter
  • 21cm equals approximately 65mm diameter
  • 22cm equals approximately 70mm diameter
  • 23cm equals approximately 75mm diameter

How to get a friends bangle measurement 

This is a tricky one, we're not going to lie. You have a few options...

If you don't have time because her party is next week, you'll just have to go for the medium size and take a guess.

Take a look at her wrist and knuckles. Do they seem smaller, or the same size as yours? Again, it's guesswork and not ideal.

Rope in a husband or partner for some sneaky measuring. Get him or her to get you the measurements. 

Steal or borrow a bangle of hers and measure it yourself. Yes, more work is required, especially if you don't see her that often. Also, it could be awkward if she spots you slipping her favourite silver bangle into your purse. So be careful!  

Don't be the one in five who choose the wrong bangle size. Get your bangle size right! 

Follow our steps, choose the right bangle size, enjoy your chunky bangle and congratulate yourself on your wisdom. 

Bangle Size - Desiderate

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