Desiderate’s Sustainability Policy & Commitment

 Our commitment to sustainability

When you shop with us, you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you’re supporting an environmentally responsible company dedicated to producing sustainable jewellery. We produce jewellery in small batches, unlike mass producers - every piece is made with love and care.

Environmental sustainability is incredibly important to us. We all share this planet and we all need to do our part to reduce harmful activities. We’re not claiming to be perfect and we hope to continue improving. 

One thing we can do is be transparent and share with our customers precisely what we are doing to keep our operations sustainable. These strategies underpin our commitment to sustainability.  

We aim to tread lightly on the earth and manufacture long-lasting products instead of disposable fashion items that are easily discarded. Instead we source high quality gems that will last lifetimes and beyond. 


Our gemstones are natural, not manmade and our designs are handcrafted in small batches, rather than in large factories. I feel by using a natural product we limit the impact of the manufacturing process. Artificial products made in a lab and we ensure our gemstones are sourced sustainably. Gemstones are rare by nature and due to that quality they aren’t thrown away, unlike cheaper artificial products that are more disposable and wasteful. 

Some of our sterling silver is recycled, for example if a product is made with a mistake our providers will melt it down and rework it. However the quality of recycled sterling silver is limited because the soldering materials weaken the structural integrity of sterling silver when it melted down for recycling, which limits quality, so we only recycle sterling silver when we can be assured of quality. 

Our pearls are farmed using sustainable methods, and our farmers protect the oysters. As they are manufactured in the water they have incur no harmful pollution or runoff. The oysters are the