Nothing says boho like a sterling silver anklet or toe ring

When you think about the modern boho style, nothing says boho like an anklet or toe ring. But a woman wearing an anklet is nothing new.

Women have been wearing anklets for how long?

Hieroglyphics on the tombs of ancient Egypt depict anklets being worn as everyday pieces by Egyptian women. Anklets have also been found in 4500 year old Sumerian tombs. Mesopotamian women were wearing anklets 8000 years ago to flaunt their husband’s wealth. Even the bible mentions anklets. So why ruin centuries of tradition? 

Wearing your anklet – left or right leg?

In some cultures, the leg a woman wore her anklet on said much about her marital status. Some of these meanings have filtered through to the modern day and while it’s fun to read about these things, in western culture, we wear anklets because we like them.

Think you’re too old to wear an anklet? Think again.

Sterling silver anklets and toe rings with style

From the delicate, barely visible chain to the somewhat chunky leather strap, Desiderate will have the perfect anklet style for you. For pure beach boho, you can’t go past a cowrie shell anklet. We’ve even got an anklet with bells on.

Our toe rings may be simpler pieces because they are strong fashion statements in themselves. 

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