Hello, tourmaline ring of your dreams

Pretty, pink and bold, a pink tourmaline ring from Desiderate is as sparkly and multidimensional, just like you. Whenever more stock lands in our warehouse our pink tourmaline rings fly off the shelves. And we stock larger sizes too so if you have bigger fingers or knuckles we have you covered. 

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Prettiest ever pink tourmaline rings

Our mahtava pink tourmaline ring is one of our best sellers since it launched last year. No wonder, as it’s utterly magnificent! It’s a chunky gemstone delight in the freshest shade of Barbie pink.  Our customers said: 

  • ‘Stunning ring, sensational colour,’ Jane 
  • ‘What a beautiful ring, the style, colour and quality are truly magical,’ Belinda
  • ‘This beautiful ring is just stunning and exceptionally well made,’ Kathleen
  • ‘It’s more perfect than I could have imagined,’ Melissa 

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Tourmaline birthstone: October 

A newer birthstone, tourmaline is linked to October, which is perfect for Libras who love decadence, beauty and compliments. October-born Scorpios will be attracted to the pink shade that represents their passionate loving nature. For both signs, tourmaline will incite calmness, preservation and humanitarianism. Whatever your sign, wear it to mend a broken heart, overcome fear, promote open-mindedness and reaffirm your soul. 

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If you love the deep bright pink of tourmaline jewellery then look no further. Our gorgeous range includes individual pieces and matching sets, so you can be as edgy, classic or feminine as you desire. Wear tourmaline jewellery to better understand yourself and others, promote self confidence and attract inspiration.  

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A divine tourmaline necklace 

So pretty and feminine, our pink tourmaline necklace belongs close to your heart. It’s a showstopper that is bound to attract compliments. The pink tourmaline looks stunning encased in sleek sterling silver. The half bezel cut allows more light to penetrate the stone for extra bling and sparkle. 

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