Virtual Try On

Say hello to our jewellery virtual try on tool

Not sure how a lovely ring will appear on your hand? Try it on virtually!

When you’re shopping online for jewellery, have you ever thought, ‘I wish I could try that on?’ 

Now you can! Our new jewellery virtual try on system is a game changer.


 It's easy

No buggy apps to download - just tap to begin

It's fun

Try on rings on each finger and hand - as many as you want

It's fast

it takes just a few seconds to start virtually trying on your favourites

What is the jewellery virtual try on system?

It’s a simple and fun way for you to see how jewellery will appear in person, to help you decide what to buy. 

If you’ve ever been jewellery shopping online, and wondered how a piece will actually look, you will love our jewellery virtual try on system.

The technology superimposes a picture of the jewellery over your photo, so you can get an idea of how it will look in real life.

ring on finger - Desiderate

We admit, that the jewellery virtual try-on system is not perfect. It is not intended as a substitute for trying on jewellery in person. 

But we think it comes a pretty close second! 

During our trials with the technology, a small percentage of people found it tricky. But with 88% of our testers agreeing that it’s easy to use, accurate and fun, we knew we had to let our customers be the judge.

How do I use the jewellery virtual try on system?

It’s easy to start — have a play and you’ll get the hang of it immediately. 
  1. Find the item of your choice  (rings only at this stage).
  2. Tap the ‘TRY ME ON’ button.
virtual try on jewellery - Desiderate

3. Select ‘allow’ so the tool can access your camera.

virtual try on Desiderate



4. Use the ‘reverse’ camera function to aim the camera towards your left or right hand.

reverse camera icon


5. Choose the finger you’d like — index, middle, ring or little.

virtual try on - Desiderate


6. The technology will superimpose the ring over your finger — adjust the angle of your hand as necessary. 

If the image is not appearing, try moving your hand 

closer or further away from the screen.  

The ring tool works best in well-lit areas,

 so do your virtual try-ons in natural light or a brightly lit room


7. To take a photo, tap the camera icon and follow the prompts to view or download the try on image.

virtual try on - Desiderate


Psst — you can then send the image to your spouse or loved one as a not-so-subtle hint for your next birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas! 

What our customers say about our jewellery virtual try on tool

“It’s so fun. I wasn’t sure how it would work but I just followed the prompts and tried on a few rings easily.” Angela 

“I’m not great with technology and apps, but I worked this out quickly!” Pat 


“I love that I can see how the dimensions and the colours look on my hand — I can see how chunky and big the ring will be without checking the product measurements.” Lisa 


“I hate bothering sales assistants in store while I try on heaps of rings so I will use this instead!” Kate


“I wanted to buy a ring for my elderly mother so we had a great night trying so many rings, I think we tried every single one. It really helped mum see what ring she would like best.” Jo


“When I buy jewellery online I am always willing to go through returns if I don’t like the look, but this makes me more confident to buy as I can get an idea of how it looks before I buy.” Prisha


Frequently asked questions

Is the jewellery virtual try-on tool available on all products? 

Not yet - you can use it on our most popular rings, including: 

We plan to roll out the technology on bangles, earrings and necklaces in the coming months.


Can I take a photo of the virtual try-on?

Yes! Use the screenshot option on your phone or ask someone else to take it for you.


I can’t get the tool to work — help! 

It can be a bit tricky for a small proportion of our customers. Try these tips: 

  • Experiment with moving your phone closer or further away
  • If you are taking a photo of your hand, try resting it flat on a surface instead of in mid-air 
  • Ensure you are in a room with good lighting - natural lighting works best 
  • Hit the refresh button and reload the tool 


If you are still having trouble, give our friendly customer service team a call and we will talk you through it. 


Can I use it on desktop? 

Yes, you can use it on a desktop, but it's not as easy as using it on a mobile device. This is us playing with it on desktop.




How can I choose the right ring size? 

Our ring sizer tool takes the guesswork out of finding your correct ring size. This is the most accurate way to find out what size would be best for your fingers. Make sure you measure your finger on the hand where your piece will be worn. It is very common for one hand to be slightly larger than the other. Usually, your dominant hand will be larger. 

We use the international-standard numerical ring sizing system. Check our Ring Size Chart for the measurements and sizes.
For more advice, read our blog on
how to choose the right ring size. 


Can I still exchange the ring if I get the size wrong? 

Yes, contact our customer service team and we can arrange to swap it for you. We offer exchanges or store credit for incorrect size choices.

You just need to cover the postage and you’ll have your beautiful jewellery back to you soon. In accordance with Australian Hygiene Laws, earrings can’t be exchanged or returned.

See our Returns Policy here: RETURNS POLICY

 Use The Virtual Try-on Tool NOW!