Stunning silver boho, hoop and drop earrings to flatter every face

Other than your gorgeous smile, earrings are one of the first things other people notice about you. And because the modern Australian woman loves options, Desiderate stocks a huge range of sterling silver earrings to suit every woman’s style, mood or outfit.

We offer a huge range of silver earrings for modern Australian women

Chic, understated stud or small drop earrings are perfect for the office. Longer drop silver earrings with gemstones ranging from amethyst to peridot will always add a touch of glamour. And hoop earrings that sway gracefully as you walk will never go out of style.

Silver earrings to suit any ear

Desiderate knows for every pair of ‘goes with everything’ earrings you own, you’ll also want a special pair (or three or four) that you’ll only wear with that special outfit or on a special occasion. 
We also know that for you, every day is a special occasion and every day you should strut out of your home knowing the perfect earrings are dangling from your ears as you step out to take on the world.

(Herkimer) Diamonds and pearls

Amethyst, pearl and opals. Onyx, peridot and topaz. Herkimer diamonds, garnet and aquamarine. Whether you choose by colour, birthstone or just because something tickles your fancy, you will find the perfect earrings for your own personal style.

Not sure what a Herkimer diamond is? We got you covered and you can read all about them here.

Shop our range of Australian silver earrings today

We guarantee you will find something you love! We offer fast dispatch, easy returns and top quality Australian silver earrings. 

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