Sterling silver bracelets for modern Australian women 

The ultra-fashionable sterling silver bracelet stands the test of time. Our Australian silver bracelets are some of our best selling products in the Desiderate collection. 

We offer delicate bracelets on fine chains, as well as super chunky silver bracelets that make a statement. Find a bracelet with a gemstone or pearl, or go for a simple unadorned look. 

When in stock, we typically have more than 100 silver bracelets to choose from — so you are bound to find something you adore. 

Affordable silver bracelets 

We like to keep costs low, without compromising the quality of our bracelets. We commission bracelets from our global network of silversmiths. We source the highest quality silver, so you can be sure your bracelet is going to last for years. 

Our gemstone, opal and pearl bracelets come with top quality stones, cut and presented to perfection. Whether you want a statement piece of bling for a night on the town, an everyday memento, or just something lovely as a treat for yourself, we have the bracelet you’re looking for. 

Fun fact: our founder Janine is often the model for our bracelets

Many customers love that the hand (and wrist) modelling our Australian silver bracelet collection is not an airbrushed teenager! Janine likes to keep costs down (photoshoots and models are really expensive) so our bracelets can be as affordable as possible.

Shop our range of Australian silver bracelets today

We guarantee you will find something you love! We offer fast dispatch, easy returns and top quality Australian silver bracelets. 

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