Which onyx ring will you choose? 

Our deep black onyx rings are all made with gleaming sterling silver, providing a harmonious and monochromatic contrast that commands attention. Every time the black sparkle catches your eye, your mood will be instantly lifted. Our chunky bold onyx ring features a classic square cut, while our earth stone onyx ring  features a narrow oval stone with bezel setting and chunky cutout band. The classic set black onyx ovale ring is crisp, cool and elegant, while the black onyx eclipse ring is delightfully boho with its mesmerising black stone. 

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A stunning collection of onyx jewellery awaits you

From chunky rings to dramatic pendants, delicate drops and classic bracelets, our extensive range of onyx jewellery is sure to delight. If dramatic black is your favourite colour, then you’ll love the instantly classic and timeless look of our onyx range. Wearing onyx jewellery will help keep your mind sharp and encourage a steadfast, earthy and practical approach to life. Wear it when you want to feel grounded, tap into strength, stabilise emotions, bring focus and harness confidence.  

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Try our gorgeous onyx earrings 

From dramatic to dainty, our range of onyx earrings make a statement. Our pretty ocean dreams onyx earrings are our bestsellers, alongside our boho athena onyx earrings and our filigree geometric onyx earrings. Onyx make great earrings as the black tones go with everything.   

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Our statement onyx necklace 

Our dramatique onyx choker is quite a bold piece! With a shorter chain, it’s worn close to the throat, giving stability and clarity to your communication, via the nearby throat chakra. Three oval shaped onyx pieces sit together to form a structural design that will get noticed. 

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Looking for other gemstone jewellery? 

We have a huge range, so we are sure to have what you’re looking for.  Check out 

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