We are the Australian amethyst ring specialists 

Looking for pretty amethyst rings? We have plenty to delight you, all featuring the highest quality sterling silver and stunning amethyst crystals. The deep beautiful purple of amethyst rings look absolutely beautiful, especially when contrasting with the gleaming sheen of sterling silver in your ring. 

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Do you love an amethyst necklace? 

Amethyst necklaces are some of our most popular - and it’s easy to see why. 

One customer called our Mahtava amethyst necklace ‘perfect’, saying, ‘This sparkling beauty has exceeded my expectations. A gorgeous deep purple colour that has been getting me compliments every time I wear it. Amazing quality, as always.” 

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Amethyst earrings for her 

A pretty pair of amethyst earrings at your lobes will add sparkle and glam to any outfit. Wearing amethyst earrings brings the qualities of the stone close to your mind — helping bring ease, calm and purpose. The purple hues are especially impactful if you have blue eyes. 

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One customer said of our amethyst earrings ‘a stunning design—I’m constantly receiving comments when I’m wearing these beauties,’ while another said, ‘I’m a purple girl and the amethysts in these earrings are beautiful.’ 

Amethyst jewellery birthstone collections 

If you’re a February baby, amethyst is your birthstone. And you’re either an original, creative and friendly Aquarius or a sensitive, generous and loyal Pisces. Either way, amethyst jewellery will enhance your qualities and help you gain a sense of peace, relieve stress and dissolve negativity. Wearing amethyst in multiple locations like earrings, pendant and rings will not only look fabulous but emphasise the impact of the stones close to your throat, heart and waist. 

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Amethyst pendants for contentment, purity, manifestation

Did you know amethysts are one of the best crystals for manifestation? Use an amethyst pendant to focus on visualising your goals by taking a moment to deeply see yourself achieving your heart’s desire. Then journal about how you feel achieving your goal as if it has already happened. A good way to start is writing, ‘I am so grateful and thankful that I…’ and completing the sentence accordingly. Then wear the amethyst pendant during the day, and regularly take a moment to touch it and revisit your powerful visualisation. Feel the feelings of joy and satisfaction as you achieve your dream! 

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