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My first time purchasing.Item was despatched quickly and packaged in a cute box.the ring is the perfect size and is true to picture on site.Will definitely...

Sandy Bruse

Actually was more stunning than the picture 😊Size was right too, which was a bonusFast postage and packaging is always special especially for a gift 🎁

Karen Walsh

Wonderful selection of jewelry, very happy with my purchase… arrived on time and very well packaged … thank you!

Bryce Beauchamp

Top class products and top class service. Far and away the best jewellery I had ever had.

Sue Woollam

Beautiful jewlery with great prices. Very very happy with how my ring looks 🤩

Jessica Turner
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Australian Silver Jewellery

We make Australian silver jewellery for women who know what they like and want to enjoy treating themselves. You know what you like and you expect quality, but not at outrageous prices. 

Now’s the time to treat yourself. You have precious memories, and often your jewellery is a memento of those times. 
You love a sparkly treat that shows your style and personality. 

We see you, we hear you, we know you and we create jewellery with you in mind.

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Award Winning Jewellery From An Australian Jewellery Brand

We are so proud to be the winners of many awards - for design, small business, women business owners and customer service.

We are incredibly proud to be an award winning jewellery brand. Forget the humble brag — we’re unashamedly showing off!

It’s because of our amazing customers that we have won so many awards. So we thank you for supporting a small, independent Australian business. When you support an award winning jewellery brand, you can buy with confidence. You know that you’ll get lovely designs, efficient online shopping and excellent customer service — award winning quality!

“I put my heart and soul into this business so it’s wonderful to be an award winning jewellery business. To me it’s proof that we have a business that is world-class. 

“Running a small business in Australia isn’t always easy. So getting this recognition makes me incredibly proud. 

“I think too many women struggle to celebrate their wins. From a young age, we’ve been conditioned to be humble and quiet. So I can help change that by sharing our success and encouraging you to do the same in your life and business.”

Janine Leghissa from Desiderate wins Local. Business Hero

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They're like the superheroes of the crystal world, seriously. From boosting your energy to enhancing your intuition, Herkimer Diamonds are said to be the ultimate spiritual companions.

Plus, they're believed to clear negative energy and promote harmony and balance in your life.

Talk about a crystal with some serious mojo! Whether you're into crystal healing or just love a good sparkly rock, Herkimer Diamonds are definitely worth checking out. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a whole new level of zen.
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Are you looking for Mother's day gift ideas? Your mum is special to you. And even though she’s insisting that you ‘don’t need to spend too much’ or that she ‘doesn’t need anything,’ you want to spoil her anyway, right? If you have been searching for mothers day gifts on Google, you’re in the right place. 

Is your mum your go-to person? She’s there to listen when you need to celebrate, whinge, listen, help with stain removal, or clean your kitchen even though you’re a grown adult. She buys your favourite snacks, and she sends you cute text messages with too many emojis, but you wouldn’t have her any other way. Does she make the best lasagne, cakes or cheesy biscuits? Perhaps your relationship is complicated, or perhaps not. Nevertheless, you want to recognise the wonderful mum she is on this day. 

Chunky silver jewellery is having a fashion moment

We know: chunky silver jewellery is always in fashion. It’s timeless, classic and elegant. But trends do come and go and silver jewellery seems to be in vogue for 2024.

At the Grammys, Taylor Swift wore a stack of chunky silver necklaces alongside a rather curious watch-like black choker

And at the Emmys, stars like Aubrey Plaza, Taraji P Henderson were sporting chunky silver rings on the red carpet

At the Golden Globes, Aussie actress Elizabeth Debicki (of the Crown fame) sported lovely silver necklaces, as did Dame Helen Mirren.

Silver jewellery Australia - Desiderate