Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers

Desiderate gift cards 

Not sure what your favourite human would like? A gift card is the solution. 

Some women are fussy, and there’s no reading their minds. Save her the trouble of secretly returning your purchase — let her choose herself! 

A Desiderate gift voucher is the ideal present if you’re not sure what to choose. If she loves bangles and rings, it can be tricky to find the right size - so it’s often best to select a gift card instead. 

(We can never make our minds up to call them gift cards or gift vouchers - so we call them both! There is no difference and we use the term interchangeably.)

We offer gift vouchers in several denominations, starting at $10, and up to $500.  

Our gift vouchers expire one year after your purchase date. 

Can I get a different dollar value for a gift voucher? 

Sure, just let us know what amount you need and we will add the option to the website so you can purchase it online. 

How does the gift card get delivered? 

When you purchase, you will get an instant, automated email to your nominated address. You can add the recipient’s address so they can get your gifft immediately, or add your own address so you can print the gift voucher for them, or forward it to them later on their special day. 

If you want it to be a secret, don’t add their email address — as they’ll get an instant email from us with the gift card and your surprise will be ruined! 

Do you provide printed gift vouchers? 

Yes, if you want a printed copy, let us know and we can print it for you and mail it. However most customers find it quicker and easier to print the gift card themselves, so they get the printed version instantly. 

How do I shop with a gift card? 

Simply select what you’d like to purchase with the gift card, and when prompted for a discount code, use the unique promo code entered on the gift voucher.  

If the purchase total is greater than your gift card, you can pay the remainder through our online checkout as normal. 

Gift voucher terms 

  • you can purchase anything to the face value of your gift voucher, including sale items
  • you cannot purchase more gift vouchers 
  • gift vouchers expire one year from the purchase date
  • gift cards must be used in one single transaction