Do gemstones have healing powers?

Do gemstones have healing powers?

If you’ve been around these parts before, you’d know about my love of gemstones and their healing powers.

Whether you believe in it or not, gemstones are more than just their beauty.  They also hold healing powers, special meanings, and spiritual aspects.

If you’re searching for a gift that brings both a smile and healing vibes, there are many options in the Desiderate online store. 

October 09, 2020 by Desiderate
Happy Birthday Libra

Happy Birthday Libra

A lot of people believe Librans to be a balanced lot, which for the most part can be incorrect.  You my lovely ones constantly SEEK balance (there’s a difference) and boy oh boy be careful if you don’t get this.  Being out of balance will affect your normally happy equilibriums and this is not nice for anyone, especially you. 
September 26, 2020 by Eva Wilson Tarot & Astrology
Happy Birthday Virgo

Happy Birthday Virgo

Happy birthday to you dear Virgo! Now I must ensure I have zero spelling and grammatical errors in your blog this month – I know you’ll be going over things with a fine-tooth comb, looking for perfection because my lovely Virgo’s that is what you expect.
August 24, 2020 by Eva Wilson Tarot & Astrology
Jewellery in Thirroul

Introducing Thirroul Collective - Your one-stop-shop for gifts in Wollongong

Did you know the Desiderate Jewellery collection doesn’t just live within the virtual world and you can actually browse some of the range in store?

Our range of boho style and silver and gemstone jewellery have a second home - a physical shopfront called the ‘Thirroul Collective’ and you can see it here:

Located 13km north of Wollongong in the tranquil seaside suburb of Thirroul, the store displays a range of unique gift ideas from a dozen or more businesses. 


August 07, 2020 by Desiderate
peridot blog post

Peridot is August birthstone and here are some things you may not know about Peridot

As peridot is my personal birthstone I knew that it's supposed to bring the wearer success, good luck and peace and also helps with health, protection and sleep. They say that peridot attracts love, soothes nerves and dispels anxiety. Pretty powerful stuff, but .. these amazing gems have even been found in meteorites....
July 31, 2020 by Janine Leghissa
Peridot Jewellery | Desiderate

All about Leo's and their birthstone Peridot

What is that mighty roar I hear?  Why it’s our beautifully strong, courageous and bold Lions that’s who! Happy birthday Leo - it’s your month to shine.  
Leo’s love to dazzle with the jewels and the perfect stone for our fabulous Leo’s or those born in August is the equally fabulous Peridot.
This mesmerizing green gem with hues of evening emerald symbolizes strength. What a befitting word for our strong Leo Lions.
July 30, 2020 by Eva Wilson Tarot & Astrology
How to clean Jewellery

How to clean Jewellery

Cleaning your jewellery! 5 things you need to know

Don't dull your own sparkle – clean those gems!

Maybe you racked up an Afterpay account that makes you bank account shriek, just a little, maybe you've collected a treasure trove of jewellery beauties over a series of birthdays – your pieces are your bling and you love them. Keep them shiny and safe by cleaning them, the right way.

Every girl needs to know how to shine her jewels because nobody got time for dull gems.

July 01, 2020 by Desiderate
Ruby The Birthstone of July

Ruby The Birthstone of July

What is the birthstone for July?
Ruby is the birthstone for July and is a stone associated with passion and power, love and also fury. Ruby represents all of our most intense emotions. 

Rubies are associated with power, passion and glamour, like fast red cars, red roses, red nails, and is there really anything as uplifting and energising as a red lipstick? Apart from a radiant piece of Ruby jewellery that is!
June 26, 2020 by Janine Leghissa
Wearing pearl jewellery

Moonstone and Pearls are the Birthstones for June

June girls are goddesses - beautiful, and greatly desired – just like their gemstones. A gift of Moonstone or Pearl jewellery is a perfect gift for a June birthday girl.

Known for their big hearts and sarcastic sense of humour, people born in June are rather intuitive and tend to be led by their gut feelings about things, they can smell danger a mile away. Surprisingly secretive about their true emotions though, a June Babe generally takes her time about opening up in front of people only revealing her true feelings in front of people who are extremely close.


May 31, 2020 by Desiderate
Emerald - The Birthstone for May

Emerald - The Birthstone for May

 The birthstone for May, Emerald can vary quite dramatically from a pale green right through to a very deep dark colour. 

Think of Fifty shades of ..... GREEN.

Despite being so rare, Emerald jewellery can be surprisingly affordable for a few reasons.

May 16, 2020 by Janine Leghissa