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What are Herkimer Diamonds
They're like the superheroes of the crystal world, seriously. From boosting your energy to enhancing your intuition, Herkimer Diamonds are said to be the ultimate spiritual companions.

Plus, they're believed to clear negative energy and promote harmony and balance in your life.

Talk about a crystal with some serious mojo! Whether you're into crystal healing or just love a good sparkly rock, Herkimer Diamonds are definitely worth checking out. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a whole new level of zen.
Mothers day gift ideas galore: treat your mum, because she’s amazing

Are you looking for Mother's day gift ideas? Your mum is special to you. And even though she’s insisting that you ‘don’t need to spend too much’ or that she ‘doesn’t need anything,’ you want to spoil her anyway, right? If you have been searching for mothers day gifts on Google, you’re in the right place. 

Is your mum your go-to person? She’s there to listen when you need to celebrate, whinge, listen, help with stain removal, or clean your kitchen even though you’re a grown adult. She buys your favourite snacks, and she sends you cute text messages with too many emojis, but you wouldn’t have her any other way. Does she make the best lasagne, cakes or cheesy biscuits? Perhaps your relationship is complicated, or perhaps not. Nevertheless, you want to recognise the wonderful mum she is on this day. 

Chunky silver jewellery is having a fashion moment

We know: chunky silver jewellery is always in fashion. It’s timeless, classic and elegant. But trends do come and go and silver jewellery seems to be in vogue for 2024.

At the Grammys, Taylor Swift wore a stack of chunky silver necklaces alongside a rather curious watch-like black choker

And at the Emmys, stars like Aubrey Plaza, Taraji P Henderson were sporting chunky silver rings on the red carpet

At the Golden Globes, Aussie actress Elizabeth Debicki (of the Crown fame) sported lovely silver necklaces, as did Dame Helen Mirren.

Healing Properties Of Gemstones
Healing gemstone rings—a fusion of beauty and spirit! Gemstones aren't just beautiful to wear; they may possess the power to affect your daily life.

Our gemstone rings each have unique qualities. Would you like to know how these gems have helped me and can help you harness the powers you want? From tranquillity with Larimar to creativity with Citrine, our gemstone rings help you to embrace their energies.

Explore the magic of gemstones and learn what they can help you with. The worst that can happen is they will look beautiful!
What Is Rhodochrosite?

What I love about rhodochrosite is the gorgeous pink colour. The shades are not uniform, making each gemstone unique. Desiderate rhodochrosite is a pretty pink with shades of lighter pink and pinky-greys that make it so gorgeous. If you ever want a touch of feminine glamour, rhodochrosite is the gemstone to wear.

With the variation in shading, some rhodochrosite is in greater demand than others — with the rose pink shaded gemstones proving most popular. Even though it is found across several continents, it is not always easy to mine and cut, which causes it to be in high demand. 

Classic Christmas Jewellery You'll Enjoy For a Lifetime.

Are you looking for festive but not flashy Christmas jewellery? We get it — there’s plenty of novelty Santa earrings or reindeer headbands around, but if you want something more understated, elegant and classic (yet still Christmass-y), we have you covered. 

Christmas is a time of parties, end of year celebrations, office get-togethers and graduations — so you’re certain to be out and about. It’s nice to celebrate with a festive look — but if you prefer to keep it subtle, we have the Christmas jewellery you’re looking for. 

December Horoscope 2023

Welcome to the fabulous month of December – where the feelings are high, and the stars are throwing a celestial party just for you.

So, here's the cosmic lowdown with a touch of glam: We're still riding the wave of Sagittarius season, urging us to explore, learn, and sprinkle a bit of creativity in our lives. It's like an open invitation to bring in artsy, cultural vibes into your space and let those creative juices flow.

What is Larimar?

What is Larimar?  Lovely Larimar, the charming crystal with the soul of the sea is something every woman wants in her collection. 

Being such a rare stone and only being available from one location means that quantities of Larimar availble are diminishing. As it becomes harder to get hold of the value increases. Once it’s gone … it’s gone.

2023 Christmas gifts for her: your best guide to treating the mum, wife or special woman in your life

Most of the women in your life find Christmas difficult. Women tend to be the social planners of the household and in their community.

Most women you know are in charge of gift shopping, menu planning, catering, cooking, community events, gifts for teachers, arranging end-of-year celebrations and much more! It’s not like men force us to do these things, we take on these burdens ourselves, but then we find ourselves stressed out and frantic.

Christmas is a magical time and often it's the women who want to create that magic for our families. We can be our own worst enemies at this time, taking on all the Christmas responsibility. And we keep doing it every year, so everyone else assumes we can handle it. But it’s a lot! And we do it all only because we want everything to be perfect.

Why we love turquoise jewellery for boho summer fashion

On Pinterest, if you search ‘boho jewellery’, what stone features regularly in the results? Turquoise jewellery, of course. The gorgeous bright blue stones are slightly imperfect, making them the perfect representation of the boho aesthetic. 

Turquoise jewellery is the prettiest shade of blue, with flecks of darker and paler shades, making each stone utterly unique. 

Heavy Earrings Versus Light Earrings
As a lifelong heavy earring wearer, you get used to it. Yes, they are a touch heavy but not uncomfortable, and it’s easy to ignore. But I know many customers love the look of glam earrings but find the extra weight difficult to withstand. Whether you prefer heavy or light earrings, we have you covered with our huge range of gorgeous earrings. 
The Ultimate Guide To Birthstone Necklaces

Looking for a birthstone necklace? Whether it’s for mum, sister, wife, daughter, niece or friend, we’ve got a stunning range of birthstone necklaces. 

A birthstone necklace is a gorgeous personalised gift that she’ll love. 

Let's Hear It For Thirroul

Living in a small beachside town, I am always touched by the level of support I get from the local community.

The people of Thirroul have supported my business from the very start — when it was me working alone doing everything from sourcing products, taking photos, managing the website, and walking to the post office every day to dispatch orders.

Celebrate someone you loved and lost with memorial jewellery

If you have ever lost someone dear to your heart, you might like to find ways to remember them. And memorial jewellery is a great way to do that. Every time you wear and enjoy your jewellery, you’ll be reminded of the good times you shared together. 

Many customers tell us they invest in memorial jewellery for this reason. We asked a few to share their stories. Here’s what they said:

Happy sixth birthday to Desiderate!

Back in 2017, I started selling jewellery online to make ends meet. 

I can’t believe what’s happened since then. I went from selling jewellery online to realising this could be a business, to building a business that hires a team of seven people, with thousands of loyal customers.

I’ve even won some business awards. I’m not sharing this to brag, but I do think women aren’t great at celebrating themselves or their achievements, so I’d love to share my highlights over the six years. 

The Future Of Jewellery Shopping

Step Into The Virtual Jewellery Store:

Say farewell to the days of uploading photos or struggling to envision how a ring, earrings, or bangle would look on you. Desiderate's virtual try-on system is an Australian first, immersing you in a captivating world of their stunning jewellery collection. With just a few taps, witness the magic as the jewellery seamlessly adorns your virtual self. It's like having a personal stylist by your side, ensuring you radiate confidence without breaking the bank.

How To Measure Your Ring Size: Two Methods To Try & One To Avoid
Have you ever been stuck with the wrong ring size? It’s incredibly annoying! We are on a mission to help you find the right ring size, each and every time you purchase a ring online. Check out our blog for our must-read guide on how to choose a ring size.
Don’t call us fat: your guide to choosing plus size rings
Like Mark Darcy tells Bridget Jones: we like you “just as you are.” Not all fifty-year-old women look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston.

Just because your ring size is a little bigger doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy gorgeous sparkly gemstones. And some of us are just naturally born with bigger hands, fingers and knuckles.

So if you are Googling ‘plus size rings Australia’ looking for top-quality, lush designs and rings for big fingers? You are in the right place. 
How To Choose The Right Bangle Size

You know what's highly annoying and time consuming and painful?

Choosing the wrong bangle size

You're all excited to get your new bangle, or gift it to a friend and then... it doesn't fit.

Sure, first word problems and we know there are much worse things that can happen...but still.

You don't want the hassle of having to return it.

Ring On Finger Meaning: Palmistry Meanings & Gemstone Connections
Recently a customer asked me about rings on finger meanings — does wearing a ring on a specific finger mean anything? And should you put certain gemstones on different fingers to amplify their power?

And I confess, ring on finger meanings was not something I knew much about. So I decided to check it out. And I found quite a lot of information, based on the ancient practice of palmistry. 
How Statement Earrings Make You Feel

Bring on the bling: How statement earrings make you feel 

Make a simple outfit extraordinary with statement earrings. When you want to feel extra glamorous, make statement earrings your go-to choice! 

A simple outfit can get a style upgrade with a large pair of statement earrings, don’t you agree?