We love opal rings  

Looking for pretty opal rings? We have plenty to delight you, all featuring the highest quality sterling silver and stunning opals. A truly unique gemstone, the deep flecks of colour in opals are beautifully captivating, varying in shade from dark blues, cool greens, deep purples and soft pinks.  

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Opal earrings with Aussie flair 

Australia is the opal capital of the world and many of our gorgeous opal earrings are locally sourced, though we do have some Ethiopian opals too. Our best selling opal earrings are our Australian Opal studs which are utterly divine, if we do say so ourselves. The flecks of pink, silver, green and navy offset a pair of beautiful blue Australian opals. 

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Our show-stopping opal necklaces 

One of our best sellers is the Australian opal necklace featuring 11 stunning Australian opal doublets. A must if you have blue eyes, as the blue tones will enhance the sparkle of your eyes. Each delicate stone has its own unique shade and shimmer, creating a captivating impression. 

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Opal jewellery colour meanings 

Opal jewellery not only looks stunning, but give a high vibrational energy due to the multifaceted colours in the stone. It’s the perfect aid for manifestation practice. 

  • Blue opals let your truth flow, and improve communication.
  • Green opals open your heart, and ease negative energy, especially jealousy. 
  • Pink opals foster love and friendship and strengthen relationships 
  • Purple opals tap into your inner wisdom, strength and mystic abilities. 
  • White opals bring spiritual wealth and higher consciousness and are said to ease headaches 
  • Black or dark opals help you feel grounded and safe in the world, bringing stability and practicality  

Regardless of the colour, wear opal necklaces close to your heart or throat to protect yourself from negative energy, increase self-esteem and boost spontaneity. 

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Opal pendants for you 

Our magnificent boulder opal pendant has flecks of blues, browns and greens in a large chunky and very boho pendant. Wear it long on your body to elongate and flatter your shape, and enjoy the protective opal qualities around your midsection. The boulder opal is native to Queensland and is naturally vivid and dark. The opal includes flecks of ironstone alongside the opal and every stone is utterly unique. 

Opal birthstone collections 

If you’re an October baby, opal is your birthstone. You’re either a charming, social intelligent Libra or a passionate, mysterious and loyal Scorpio. Either way, opal will bring out your positive qualities and help protect you from negative energy.  

Wearing opal in multiple locations like earrings, pendant and rings will not only look fabulous but emphasise the impact of the stones close to your throat, heart and waist. 

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