White Topaz

White Topaz

Say hello to our number one bestseller, the trilogy white topaz ring

Out of our 1000+ products, this white topaz ring is number one, and it’s easy to see why. Evocative of a diamond but without the price tag, white topaz gives a shimmer and sparkle in a neutral tone, making it perfect for wearing alongside any other piece of jewellery and outfit. Its crystal clear sparkle matches any shade and colour for the ultimate in versatility and cents-per-wear value.  

If it’s not your favourite, we have plenty more white topaz rings to delight, from bold chunky pieces to delicate classic styles.

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A huge range of white topaz jewellery 

If you love the classic simplicity of white topaz jewellery, then look no further. Our gorgeous range includes individual pieces and matching sets, so you can be as edgy, classic or feminine as you desire. Wear white topaz jewellery to better understand yourself and others, promote self confidence and attract inspiration.  

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Prettiest white topaz earrings 

Our range of white topaz earrings will glimmer and gleam from every angle. The iridescent sheen of the gemstone is truly beautiful. Our earrings include white topaz ovale studs, bold white topaz earrings, white topaz trilogy earrings, white topaz mahtava earrings and much more. 

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The divine white topaz bracelet 

She’s luxe, she’s bold, she’s beautiful — meet the luxor white topaz bracelet. This is a chunky sterling silver bracelet featuring chain design with a stunning white topaz centrepiece. The gleam of the sterling silver chains next to the sparkle of the gemstone make this white topaz bracelet an absolute show stopper. 

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