Magnificent garnet rings

The depth of a dark red garnet is a sight to behold, making it the perfect gemstone for a ring that commands attention. We love the mezmerising hues of an-expertly cut garnet, set amid gleaming sterling silver that contrasts beautifully. Our bestselling garnet rings include the contemporary
bold garnet ring, the dazzling mahtava garnet ring, the gorgeous trilogy garnet ring and the majestic utopia garnet ring. Whichever you choose, you can be assured of the highest quality gemstone, silver and craftsmanship. 

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Properties of the garnet birthstone for January 

The garnet birthstone is January, making it the gem of choice for Capricorns and Aquarians. The garnet birthstone brings clarity and balance to astute and hardworking Capricorns, while also helping dreamy and original Aquarians become more grounded and mindful. 

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Australia’s home of quality garnet jewellery 

We are a small, female-led, family owned Australian business offering a wide range of stunning garnet jewellery, sourced from the finest sources worldwide, and hand crafted by our expert artisans, jewellers and silversmiths. Our range of garnet jewellery includes garnet rings, garnet earrings, garnet pendants and more. 

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Simply stunning garnet necklaces 

Our garnet red necklaces make a beautiful statement! The deep dramatic red seems almost black on some angles, while glittering pure rose-red in others. The impact is simply gorgeous. Our garnet pendants include the bold garnet pendant, the boho mahtava garnet pendant or the contemporary garnet trilogy pendant, which matches the garnet trilogy ring and earrings

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Garnet earrings galore

Our garnet rings are irresistible! The dark red shades look lovely against paler skin, but truly do look fabulous on everyone. If you want dramatic large gemstones, look no further than the bold garnet earrings, or the mahtava garnet earrings. For feminine and pretty garnet earrings try the garnet trio drops, the garnet combo earrings or the garnet and pearl elegant earrings. And for contemporary style, check out the garnet halo earrings or the garnet trilogy beaten hoops. Your inner boho queen will love the drifting goddess garnet earrings or the geo glam garnet drops. Whatever you choose, you are sure to be delighted with our range of garnet earrings, our fantastic customer service, prompt delivery and highest quality garnet jewellery. 

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