Herkimer Diamonds

Say hello to Herkimer diamonds

Stunning to look at, gorgeous to wear and always ethically sourced, they’re the free spirited, woman’s new best friend.  

But what are Herkimer diamonds?

The Herkimer diamond isn’t an actual diamond in the traditional sense. But what they are is something so much better.

Given the name ‘diamond’ because of their natural faceting and clarity, they’re found in and around Herkimer County, New York. Known to the indigenous nations of the USA, these dazzling stones are actually double-terminated quartz crystals. They formed this way over 500 million years due to very little contact with their host rock.

Herkimer diamonds – cut, colour and clarity

Herkimer diamonds are quartz and share similar physical properties. Almost always transparent, their colours range from colourless to smoky.

One of our favourite things about these diamonds is that no two stones are the same. That’s why the shapes and settings you see in our photos may not be exactly the same as the stone you receive. The clear crystal surrounded by sterling silver offers you the perfect balance of dazzling bling and rustic charm.

While we do our best to offer what you see, we know you’ll want a ring, necklace or earring that’s as fabulously distinctive as you are.

Chakras and energy

Jewellery expresses who we are. And for some, this is more spiritual.

The Herkimer diamonds are not only stunning to look at but they’re also said to stimulate your consciousness at the highest level, helping to open your crown and third eye chakras. It’s said when your crown is in balance, your spiritual energies will follow. We love that!

We love Herkimer diamonds so much, we wrote a blog about them here

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