What To Wear To An Egg Hunt? Easter News..

Whether it’s a traditional Easter lunch, a family meal or leisure time with friends you’ll want to make sure you feel happy and confident by looking great!
Coming up is a 4 day weekend, which is lovely however you celebrate!

Easter is a celebration of a new start, new life and rebirth.

Did you know that it has been a custom to mark Easter with a new outfit since at least the 1500’s?
This witty 18th century verse reflects that custom.

“At Easter let your clothes be new
Or else be sure you will it rue”

Even the tradition of the Easter bonnet parade reflects the importance of dressing your best at Easter, we still have the Easter Hat Parade at Australian schools.

At Desiderate we believe in dressing in your favourite jewellery to give you confidence and style.
Our favourite daytime looks for Easter -

A stunning silver bangle is the perfect accessory for a brunch or lunch party with family or friends.
Always elegant, our Wanderers Cuff is a shiny statement all on its own and for a more relaxed style stack up a few like the Wanderers Eternal Bangle,
the Wanderers Hammered Bangle and a Mermaid Kisses Bracelet.
What about for Night?

Our lustrous Oval Pearl Studs are like tiny, shiny, colourful Easter eggs, beautiful, smooth and irresistible

Whatever it is you do over the long weekend a beautiful pair of earrings will be perfect, whether you are going out or entertaining at home.
I recommend our Bliss Tassel Hoops
or any that you love.
Wearing jewellery that you love and reflects your personal style gives you confidence and that always looks great!

Some other suggestions are Bohemian Bliss earrings, an egg shaped turquoise in sterling silver delicate drop
or our New Moon Drops bring festive Easter spirit
and turn heads with Wanderer tassel Hoops.

The most important thing to remember is to be true to yourself and wear jewellery that reflects your true natural beauty and style.

Don’t wait for the Easter Bunny, hop online and get yourself something beautiful now.