Pearl jewellery for the modern Australian woman

Pearls are timeless. Pearls will never go out of fashion.

Of course, every so often some nay-sayer will announce we should no longer wear pearls. But who cares because the modern woman understands that, like the little black dress, true style never goes out of fashion.  

Not your grandmother’s pearls

While many of us may have a set of our grandmother’s pearls languishing at the bottom of our jewellery box, and we love them and would never part with them, you want your pearls to reflect your identity. Let’s the world that, just like the lustrous little globes of gorgeousness that adorn your body, you didn’t get where she is without a little bit of grit.

Ethically sourced pearls

Our pearls are ethically sourced from the islands of Indonesia. Pearl farming supports villages, some with no other source of income. This lush, natural environment is perfect for breeding pearls and their cultivation creates relatively little pollution.

Pearl colours are perfect 

Just some of the gorgeous, understated hues our pearls come in are pink, Tahitian black, white and the rarest of all, the blue pearl. We also have incredible mabe pearl jewellery.

Mabé  pearls

Also known as blister pearls, mabé pearls are created over the course of two or three years. It’s a half-pearl, typically made from mother-of-pearl, is attached to a mollusc and left to grow.

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