2023 Christmas Gifts For Her: Your Ultimate Gift Guide

2023 Christmas gifts for her: your best guide to treating the mum, wife or special woman in your life

2023 Christmas Gifts For Her: Your best guide to treating the mum, wife or special woman in your life.

Are you looking for Christmas gifts for her? We have you covered. And please, don’t leave it till Christmas Eve this year! Show her you care by getting ahead of the last-minute rush. 

Christmas gifts for her: what women want

Most of the women in your life find Christmas difficult. Women tend to be the social planners of the household and in their community. Most women you know are in charge of gift shopping, menu planning, catering, cooking, community events, gifts for teachers, arranging end-of-year celebrations and much more! It’s not like men force us to do these things, we take on these burdens ourselves, but then we find ourselves stressed out and frantic. Christmas is a magical time and often it's the women who want to create that magic for our families. We can be our own worst enemies at this time, taking on all the Christmas responsibility. And we keep doing it every year, so everyone else assumes we can handle it. But it’s a lot! And we do it all only because we want everything to be perfect. 

Merry christmas

So if that’s the woman in your life and you want a special Christmas gift for her to say thank you, it will absolutely delight her on Christmas morning. Women want to feel SEEN.

Show her that you acknowledge all the effort she’s making. Plus, a fantastic Desiderate bauble 
wouldn’t hurt either. 

So it’s time to pamper her with a gift she’ll love. Top Christmas gifts include: 

  • pamper sessions at the spa
  • handbags and accessories 
  • books 
  • essential oils and fragrances 
  • cooking accessories and cookbooks
  • clothing, swimwear and activewear 
  • concert tickets 
  • candles and homewares 
  • cosmetics and skin care 
  • and of course, jewellery! 


Christmas gift ideas for mum 

Mums can be difficult to buy for! They are so busy shopping for everyone else they forget about themselves. And if you ask around, you may struggle to get Christmas gift ideas for mum out of Dad, or anyone else in the family. 


So what are some Christmas gift ideas for mum? Do any of these ideas fit the bill? 

  • A family photo session 
  • An audiobook subscription 
  • A gorgeous new summer dress from our sister label Taleeta
  • A smartwatch
  • A bottle of sparkling rose or champagne 
  • A beauty advent calendar  
  • Designer wine glasses
  • A Dyson hair styler 

Christmas gifts under $100 

$100 can go very far these days and get a Christmas gift for her that she’ll treasure for years to come. 
Christmas gifts under $100: bangles  If she loves boho jewellery, then an affordable bangle is a wonderful Christmas gift, and we have plenty of options in stock for Christmas: 

Mermaid Whisper Bracelet $55

Double Linked Bangle $65


Silver Stacking Bangle $95

Ocean Girl Wave Bangle $75


  Christmas gifts under $100: bracelets Bracelets are a pretty and timeless Christmas gift, and we have plenty of gorgeous options that won’t break the Christmas budget ranging from $45.00-$95.00.

Mermaid Tribe Tahitian Bracelet $50

Feather bracelet $49

Simplicity pearl bracelet $99

Shiva swirl bracelet $95

Simplicity Tahitian Pearl Bracelet $99


Gifts under $100: earrings Our online jewellery store is positively brimming with earrings under $100, and plenty under $50 too. 

Paua Sea Life Earrings $75

Tiny Turquoise Hoops $75


Silver Cross earrings $50

Apatite Bijou Earrings $49


Lapis Lazuli Cabochon $99

Silver Paua Shell Earrings $49


Pear Teardrop Earrings $85

Larimar Stud Earrings $99


Turquoise Drops $50

Amethyst and Pearl $95


Gifts under $100: rings  A pretty, delicate ring or a chunky statement piece — you can get a bit of boho bling in a ring for under $100. Not sure what her ring size is? Use our ring sizer tool to measure.

Tiny amethyst ring $49

Petite pearl ring $50


Dainty gold bejweled ring, yellow gold vermeil $85

Raw ruby ring $99


Baroque beauty pearl keshi ring $99

Elizabeth ring, $99


Christmas gifts under $100: necklaces  A pretty necklace is just the thing to pop under the Christmas tree for a delightful surprise. 


Mesmeric moonstone pendant $99

Scoop of love necklace $99


Bijou pendant in peridot, citrine, aquamarine, amethyst or garnet $75

Mother of pearl rising sun pendant $49


Christmas statement jewellery  Why not treat yourself this Christmas and grab something gorgeous to wear on Christmas day? 
Dressing up on Christmas day is always fun, so why not make it an excuse to grab yourself something sparkly? You can wear it on the day, and then year-round afterwards. Bold statement jewellery will add that festive bling you are looking for. It’s not shy retiring jewellery - it’s bright, colourful and attention grabbing! 

Vivid earrings $350

Ametrine Mahtava pendant $275 


Luminata earrings $375

Red coral statement earrings $185

Pink tourmaline trilogy earrings $295


Classic Christmas Gifts:

 When it comes to jewellery gifts for her this Christmas, you can’t go past the absolute classics. These timeless pieces will never go out of style and she can wear them for years or even decades to come. 


Contempo sterling silver bangle 14mm $375

Ball bracelet, $325


Under the sun mabe pearl ring - white $140

Maxima pendant, $295

Herkimer diamonds earrings $155


Not sure what to get her for Christmas? You can always choose a Desiderate gift card. 
We have got the Christmas gift for her you’re looking for  With more than 1000 items in store, we have a gorgeous piece of jewellery to suit her style and your budget. Plus, when you shop with Desiderate you enjoy:

  • easy, hassle free returns and exchanges 
  • supporting a small local Australian regional business 
  • supporting a female owned family business 
  • shopping sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured jewellery 
  • several buy now pay later payment options 
  • free standard delivery on orders over $100 

The more you shop with us, the more generous loyalty gifts and offers you’ll receive.  Sign up to our newsletter to get $10 off your first purchase. 
Happy shopping and Merry Christmas! 

Janine and the Desiderate team x 



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