What's the difference between Afterpay, Oxipay and Zippay

What's the difference between Afterpay, Oxipay and Zippay

Desiderate Jewellery specialize in original designs in beautiful affordable jewellery in silver, pearls and gemstones.

To offer you the best possible customer service we offer Afterpay, Zippay and Oxipay as buy now, pay later payment options so you can buy now and pay later. We also accept all major Credit Cards and Paypal.

What's the difference between Afterpay, Oxipay and Zippay?

With Afterpay the total order amount is split into 4 equal payments and these payments are automatically charged each fortnight to your Credit or Debit card. The initial payment is payable at time of purchase but when you've shown a good record it often waits a fortnight to charge the first payment. It's very simple and there is no cost to you if you pay on time. There's no waiting, you get your goodies immediately. 

Zippay gives instant approval for orders up to $1000 credit and is fast and easy to use. This is the most flexible pay later option because you decide how often and how much you want to pay back with no deposit. With Zippay you need a valid Debit Card and there's no waiting for your purchase.

If you choose to use Oxipay your first installment will be payable at time of your purchase and there are 8 weeks to complete payment. Oxipay has a limit of $1500 for each order.

All of these buy now pay later payment options have no charges to you as long as you make the payments on time and are easy to use. If you miss a payment they charge a small fee of $5 - $10.

So, if you have enough for the first payment up front, choose Afterpay or Oxipay and if you want to wait a fortnight to make the first payment choose Zippay.

Afterpay, Oxipay and Zippay are all simple, safe and convenient buy now, pay later payment options and give you the option of shopping online and paying for your order in easy installments.

How to use the buy now pay later payment options?

1. Select Afterpay, Oxipay or Zippay option at checkout. Desiderate Jewellery's checkout system is fully integrated with all three options. Simply select the payment system when you're checking out your beautiful affordable jewellery.

2. Create an account quickly and simply, using your Credit or Debit Card. Get approval in seconds with no lengthy forms to fill out.

3. Enjoy your purchase straight away and pay in easy installments.

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  • Michael Finger

    Thanks for the comparison between afterpay, oxypay and zippay. Personally I have found zippay the easiest and most convenient of all 3.
    ZIPPAY app is very user friendly.

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