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All about Leo's and their birthstone Peridot

Which is the Zodiac for August?

What is that mighty roar I hear?  Why it’s our beautifully strong, courageous and bold Lions that’s who! Happy birthday Leo - it’s your month to shine.  Ruled by the great luminary The Sun you are born to do just that – shine!  You bask in the glory of being at the top of your game, or the jungle. Choose whichever suits dear Leo’s.  Regardless people bow down to you and don’t you just love it - and rightly so.  You generate a warmth that exudes effortlessly. You turn heads when you walk into a room because you have stature and command respect.  Perhaps it's your gorgeous Leo Lion mane of hair that attracts people – it can be your crowning glory. And I say ‘crowning’ because did you know Dear Leo that you are associated with Royalty?  Step aside bitches because there’s a new Queen in town – well actually you’ve always been the Queen, some just don’t know it yet.
What are Leo's like?

You can be dramatic, inspiring, and highly creative. A lot of actors, artists and musicians are Leo’s because they shine when they are on stage.  Perhaps you are the ‘performer’ in your group of friends – you do love to entertain! 

At work, you strive to be the boss. Your goal is to get to the top at all costs because that is where you belong. Many an Entrepreneur is born under the sign of Leo as the boldness and courage you innately have to start a venture usually leads to success.  You carry yourself with confidence, have a generosity of wealth and kindness to others and have a fabulously creative flair that inspires others. 

You are a Fixed Sign though Leo which can make you quite stubborn and obstinate in your views and beliefs.  It’s hard to sway your opinion and once you make your mind up that’s it. 

In love you are a generous partner and shower those you adore with affection, sparing no expense with gifts and presents however you also expect the same in return. It must be quality as well and designer all the way baby!  You are the King or Queen after all. Labels scream Leo.  You seek attention from your suitors and love to play cat and mouse.  Chase me, chase me, chase me – tell me how FAAAABULOUS I am but never be boring or I will tire of you immediately.  Being the centre of attention gives you a sense of power – watch out though if someone else tries to steal your limelight dear Leo, you will probably sulk and pout and need to lick your wounds clean.  Learn to reign in your ego perhaps at times to gain balance. 

Which partners are best for Leo's?

A perfect love match for you would also be a fellow Fire sign – Aries or Sagittarius.  They have a similar energy and drive as you, always seeking out adventures with boldness and vitality. Together you can set the world on fire, literally!  The opposite sign to Leo in Astrology is Aquarius so your goal in life is to master or take on some of those qualities of compassion, gentleness, understanding and empathising with those in need.  Sometimes it’s not all about you gorgeous Leo’s.  You are beautifully creative, and Aquarians are amazingly logical.  They are freedom fighters too and sometimes in life it’s ok to let go and rebel a bit – but not too much that it may taint your reputation.

Quirky Things about Leo

Ever notice Leo’s never take a bad selfie? You are just too vain to ever be so careless. “Filter me up baby and let me ‘approve’ that pic before you post.  Oooooh look at my hair, so gorgeous!  Post it – it’s puuuuuuurfect…..”

In all matters of health, Leo’s rule the back, heart, wrist, arms and spine so one must take extra care in those areas. 

What's the best gemstone for a Leo?

Leo’s love to dazzle with the jewels and the perfect stone for our fabulous Leo’s or those born in August is the equally fabulous Peridot.  This mesmerizing green gem with hues of evening emerald symbolizes strength. What a befitting word for our strong Leo Lions.  In the Tarot, the 8th card in the deck is Strength, symbolised by Leo. Not only is it gorgeous, Peridot is said to protect the wearer from nightmares. 

Romantically Peridot has been a gem of legend and myth and is often associated with the Sun (the Planet or Luminary that rules Leo), the sky (always being at the top) and fire (Leo is a Fire Sign).  Ancient Egyptians believed that Peridot gems were ‘rays of sunlight fallen from the sky’. 

Through history, people have regarded Peridot as a symbol of vitality, strength, and new growth.  They also say Peridot can hold special powers – legend says if you wear it as your birthstone it can attract love and harmonious relationships into your life.  It may also alleviate stress, sadness, anger and insomnia which in turn will make you happier, patient and a lot more confident.  All qualities and traits that Leo either has or needs to improve on. 

Peridot is such a fitting gem for Leo’s.  Wear it with pride, show people you are indeed a beautiful beast and believe in the magic that it holds.


Written with love, by Eva from Eva Wilson Tarot & Astrology

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