Happy Birthday Virgo

Happy Birthday Virgo

Happy birthday to you dear Virgo! Now I must ensure I have zero spelling and grammatical errors in your blog this month – I know you’ll be going over things with a fine-tooth comb, looking for perfection because my lovely Virgo’s that is what you expect.

What are Virgos Like?

Perfection. It does not come without hard work though, and you certainly do put in the effort in all you tackle. It’s never a chore for you though, being so perfect, is it? It is this need that brings you into alignment and balance and ensures you function with the energy to complete all those tasks you set yourself for the day.

My beautiful Virgos, you have a serene and tranquil calmness about you. There is nothing hurried. Nothing rushed. No risky ventures for you, no Siree Bob! That would mean not having time to analyse the situation enough and that doesn’t really come into the equation for you. You can analyse data like a pro. Break everything down into compartments to see how you will play out your
next move. Systems, procedures, policies – you’re all over it.

Are Virgos smart?

You are a highly intelligent sign, being ruled by Mercury who is the Winged Messenger. Mercury also rules the sign of Gemini and there is often conjecture as to who is the smartest sign out of the two – Virgo or Gemini. As it’s your birthday my lovelies I’m going to say you, but in the real world (and seeing as I am a Gemini) we both have our own type of intelligence. For Gemini, they are ruled
by the logical side of the brain. For Virgo’s it’s the analytical brain and ‘never the twain shall meet’.
It doesn’t mean to say you aren’t logical – I’m just saying Gemini wins the title in the logic argument as they see both sides to any situation. Virgo’s you can be a little biased especially if you believe you are right – which is most of the time. You do have the most remarkable communication skills and pity the fool who takes you on in a debate. Your razor-sharp sarcasm can turn anyone into a blubbering mess.

Can Virgos be hypochondiacts?

May I ask my lovely Virgo’s how many of you have booked in for a health check lately? I’d be surprised if none of you haven’t. You constantly strive for ‘perfect’ health and are continually concerned with how you are feeling. Any slight niggle, sniffle or cough and it’s off to the doctors for you! Strained your back? Better book in that physio. Feeling a little off? Maybe I better get another blood test….just to make sure.
No one works harder than you on keeping your body and mind in pristine, tip-top condition. Be mindful of your stomach area and digestive system – this area is ruled by Virgo. It probably explains why you prefer to not overindulge in anything too heavy that will cause your stomach any upset.

 How organised is a Virgo?

Speaking of pristine…such a Virgo word. So pure. You are represented by the Goddess of Wheat and Agriculture – the Virgin. Most of you love things to be ‘pristine’. Cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance to you and the best way to clear any unexpected clutter in your mind is to ensure the area you are living in is always kept neat, orderly, clean and tidy. 

However, did you know that not all Virgo’s present like that? A small percentage of you have what they call ‘organised chaos’. On the surface, their workspace may look like a total explosion – but to them, they know exactly where that spreadsheet is, what report is hidden where, and if asked they can produce that data they’ve meticulously analysed in a moments notice. If previously questioned
over such apparent ‘mess’ (and I use that term loosely) don’t be surprised if they are indeed poking their tongue out at you behind your back, chest puffed out because no one in a Virgo’s mind can outsmart them.

Do Virgos always have to be right?

Your constant need to always prove yourself right can let you down sometimes and dent your pureness. Being hypercritical, overly micromanaging and having that need for correctness can rub people the wrong way. Be mindful of not being ‘a Karen’ as you will come off as annoying and condescending. No one however is more critical of themselves than our dear Virgo’s. It’s ok to not be perfect 100% of the time. Allow yourself a small error of margin and you may find yourself more
in balance.

What are Virgos like in relationships?

In love, you are just divine but surprisingly you do have your secretive side. You can get away with playing the Angel in romance but lookout, you are little devils too. This is a part of you that you like to keep suppressed unless you meet someone as equally devilish as yourself. Then you will allow them to see your ‘not so perfect’ side or secret inhibitions. Having a partner, you can ‘serve’ is nothing short than chivalrous, especially if they are sick or ill. You are the one propping them up on pillows, fetching the hot soup, buying more tissues and ensuring their medications are taken at precisely the correct time. To see your loved one’s sick hurts you more, so you will do anything to ensure they get the care they need.

It must also be tiresome for you my gorgeous ones to always ‘be of service’ to others. However, for you, it’s what gives you purpose. Nothing is ever to much trouble for you and to help others in whatever form that takes gives you a sense of achievement. You literally will be that person helping the little lady to cross the street. You’ll volunteer to pick up the lunch order for the staff meeting that day. You are the person dropping friends off here and there and picking them up without hesitation or question. You are the one doing the washing up at any dinner party, being of service to the Host/Hostess without being asked. Your need to help others without complaint is a beautiful trait to have and one that should be admired.

What type of career suits a Virgo?

In a work situation, you would succeed in any area of health, nutrition, accounting, or data analysing. You are suited to caring for animals or being a Vet as Virgo is associated with small animals. Being a Life Coach or Office Manager would see you shine – organising an office or even a human would give you the utmost satisfaction in your job.

What is Virgo Birthstone?

To keep your systems firing on all cylinders the Sapphire is the perfect birth gemstone for Virgo’s or those born in the month of September. Sapphires can be available in a rainbow of colours, however, the most commonly recognised Sapphire would be the deep, alluring and azure ocean hue of blue.

The Sapphire is thought to symbolise wisdom, serenity and focus – what wonderful Virgo words. Wisdom can be represented by the Hermit in the Tarot Deck which in turn is represented by Virgo.
The Sapphire was a traditional favourite gem of Priests and Kings, and knowing it’s symbolism of purity and wisdom, it was the chosen gem for Princess Diana and in turn passed down to the Duchess of Cambridge (from the real future King of England…).
The stone was once believed to also guard against evil and poisoning and if a venomous snake were placed inside a vessel of sapphire it would indeed die.

Sapphire’s are without a doubt the most perfect gemstones for our equally perfect Virgo’s… Happy Birthday xxx

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