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April Birthday Girls and their Birthstone

What makes people born in April special?

You've heard the saying 'Healthy as a bull' right? Or is that an ox ... Whatever it is, I can tell you that according to a US medical study, babies born in April are less prone to some serious health conditions like respiratory, reproductive and neurological diseases than people born in other months of the year.

They're well known sticky beaks, always nosing about in things that don't concern them, they call it curiosity though ... So many April folk are crazy intuitive and you think that would lead to  better filter, but no.. they say it as they think it!

Other traits are, that they're generally optimistic and usually see the better outcomes, the silver linings in situations. April babes are glass half full sort of people.
Maybe it's partly because they tend to be successful in many professions? Or maybe the success stems from the optimism? Either way it's proven that people born in some months generally tend to be better in a few select fields where as people born in April can be successful in any type of career.

What is birthstone for April?

While the traditional birthstone for April is the Diamond, there are other gems that look similar without the hefty price tag, like Herkimer Diamonds and White Zircons.

Diamonds bring abundance, clarity and balance and the folk tales say that diamonds increase the wearers chance of strong relationships ... I don't know about you, but I wonder if that could have been perpetrated by the owners of diamond companies ...

Are there other types of Diamonds?

Herkimer Diamonds are a double terminated clear crystal which is ethically mined above ground in Herkimer County USA. Double terminated means it grows from both ends. They naturally form in geometric shapes and we use them in jewellery uncut and raw, just as they are. Each one is totally unique and beautiful, just like you.
Herkimer Diamonds are a powerful healing stone and they boost the immune system and help to stimulate healing. They not only bring peace, clarity and contentment but as an attunement stone they can help you tune into other peoples energies and if you give one to someone who you're away from, it can help them stay close emotionally.

What's another birthstone for April?

Hands up if you don't know the difference between a Zircon and a Cubic Zirconia? They're two entirely different things, a Zircon is a natural stone and a Cubic Zirconia is a cheap synthetic man made product.
Zircon's come in many colours, but today we're talking about White Zircons. These captivating clear crystals shine with all the colours of a rainbow and look much like diamonds but are softer and relatively less expensive.

For centuries Zircon's have been believed to soothe pain, relieve stomach cramps and help with asthma and lung problems. Zircon has a really intense emotional energy that helps with clear thinking especially when you're in a difficult or harmful situation. It helps you with getting more organised and focusing on goals so that you can achieve them.

Zircon is one of the oldest minerals on earth and has been around for 4 billion years which is even older than the moon. It's been used for thousands of years as a substitute for diamonds and was hugely popular in Greece and Italy in the 6th century. In ancient Hindu religion it was believed to keep evil spirits away and it was known as Jacinth or Hyacinth, named after a mythical character.





I'll leave you with one of my favourite quotes about April.

"April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other 364"
Mark Twain

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