Aquamarine - Birthstone for March

Aquamarine - Birthstone for March


What to buy for a birthday in March

If you know someone born in March, then you may think that they're a bit bossy, but really, they're a born leader. March babies are kind and creative and have more chance of being a CEO of a company than people not born in March.

Quirky March birthday traits

Not only are March babes generally great managers, but they can be super creative and more likely to be a musician than if born in a different month. There are more pilots with March birthdays and statistically people born in March have better eyesight.

March Birthday Gift Ideas

Let's face it, a birthday gift chosen with care will always be special and the thought you put into it will be remembered. Choosing a birthstone gift is really personal and will always make an impact. It shows you've genuinely thought about her, and everyone loves that.

People lucky enough to be born in March fall under the exquisite Aquamarine. The blissful blue stone is well known for her beautiful colours, with watery hues reminiscent of the ocean and is a brilliant birthday gift idea for people born in March.

March Birthstone

People born in March have the beautiful stone of Aquamarine as their birthstone. The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin Aqua marinus meaning seawater or water from the sea referring to the stone’s enchanting oceanic colours and connection to water.

Aquamarine Jewellery

Jewellery is always a great birthday gift idea but when it has your birthstone it's meaningful and becomes the perfect gift idea. People love wearing their birthstone because it connects them with their personal story and it has special meaning to them.

Aquamarine for March birthdays

Aquamarine The beautiful gemstone that evokes the beauty, calm and the inspiration of the sea. A piece of aquamarine jewellery is a fabulous choice when shopping for a birthday gift in March. With the stone set in a stunning piece of jewellery it effortlessly makes the best gift. She'll love an Aquamarine ring, Aquamarine earrings or an Aquamarine bracelet or pendant. When Aquamarine is worn as jewellery it's is said to bring feelings of calm, coolness, fluidity, love and healing. A lovely sentiment in gift giving.

Aquamarine gifts

The perfect gift idea for March birthdays is beautiful Aquamarine jewellery, March birthstone jewellery. Aquamarine is a stone that shines with beauty when worn. Whether it is a stone set in earrings that will sparkle like sunlight glinting off ocean waves or a soothing and calming ring like the Ovale Aquamarine Ring  An aquamarine birthday gift is the ultimate birthday present she will love.

Gifts for her

Women are naturally drawn to the soothing yet energetic beauty and properties of Aquamarine. For the woman in your life, Aquamarine is a delightful gift that she'll love. Especially, if her birthday is in March and even if it's not.

The stone’s colour is so dazzling it became the name and tone of an official colour in England back in 1598. Women have worn Aquamarine jewellery for hundreds of years because of the alluring tones of the gem.

Aquamarine and Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth had a special tiara made with the sparking gem because she loved it so much after she was gifted a set of Aquamarine jewellery. The Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara was commissioned by the Queen herself after she fell in love with the Aquamarine earrings and necklace set that Brazil had given her.

Aquamarine and Mermaids

Aquamarine has strong connections with the sea. It is often referred in folklore to be the jewel of mermaids. Wearing a piece of aquamarine jewellery brings us a connection to water and the majesty of the sea. It brings out our inner mermaid qualities. Beautiful, calm, wonderous and brave the stone has been cherished for thousands of years. It is even perfect for themed mermaid gift ideas.

Wearing Aquamarine

Aquamarine is like the transformative, clear waters of a tropical paradise. That impossibly beautiful water in photographs and paintings. Rejuvenating and calming with a cooling effect that stimulates your youthful essence and sense of self-love. A special gift idea for someone you love or the perfect gift idea of self-love for yourself.

The ‘treasure of mermaids’ has also been long associated with being worn by sailors and fisherman, the belief is that it keeps them safe at sea. Even nicknamed ‘sailors lucky stones.’ Aquamarine jewellery has long been the perfect way to wear these special stones and has been worn by people since ancient times.

Healing with Aquamarine

Aquamarine is said to have the healing properties of the sea and the cooling and calming benefits of water. Ancient Romans believed the stone offered safe passage on the sea, treated stomach ailments and even a purifying effect on water. They also regarded it as a stone of calmness and eternal youth.

Ancient Egyptians said aquamarine had powers of good health and was from the goddesses of the sea. It has been found in many tombs and graves and was greatly revered.

Aquamarine the stone of eternal youth

Aquamarine has long been believed to be the stone of eternal youth and happiness. We don't know how true it is, but it can't do any harm, right?

Aquamarine myths and beliefs

The Romans believed that carving a frog into a piece of Aquamarine would help friendships and reconcile enemies.

It was also a common belief that the stone kept love young and joyous. Aquamarine was a gift often given to a bride by her groom the morning after consummating their marriage and for couple who'd been married longer it was thought to re-awaken their love for each other.
Sailors believed it kept them safe at sea, particulary in stormy wild weather and soldiers believed it made them invincible.

 Giving an aquamarine jewellery gift is the perfect gift idea to delight and let someone know how much you care. The stone is elegant, timeless and enchanting. It looks beautiful on anyone and is flattering to all skin, hair and eye colours.

There is so much meaning, legend and revere behind this beautiful gemstone that when set in a piece of exquisite jewellery it will become something anyone would treasure, always.

Making it the perfect present and the best gift for a March Birthday.

You're sure to find the perfect piece amongst our Aquamarine Collection.





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