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How to stack bangles for the ultimate boho look 

How To Stack Bangles | Bangle Stacking Style Tips

Want to stack bangles? We got you… today we’re talking one of our favourite subjects: bangles. Bangle stacks, to be precise. We’re sharing our favourite boho bangle looks and encouraging you to stack ‘em high. 

Long live the clang of the bangle

It’s our motto! We love the jangle of bangles (oops that rhymes) and the Desiderate community does too. 

Ignore those old-fashioned rules about jewellery not making noise - they are as outdated as smoking or landline phones.

How to perfectly stack bangles 

There is no perfect way! That's why it’s such a great look. You can stack similar types of bangles or go nuts with all different sizes and textures. There really are no rules and no way to go wrong. It’s all down to your personal taste and your bangle collection in your jewellery box. 

Consider these tips as you stack bangles

  • If you are wearing a bangle stack to work, stack bangles on your non-dominant wrist so they bother you less.
  • For the ultimate boho look, stack bangles high on both wrists.
  • Play with the stacking order until you find what works best—or just throw them on and pay no attention whatsoever! 
  • You can stack bracelets too—a few streams of delicate bracelets is a lower-key variation of the style that looks fabulous. 
  • For a pop of colour, choose a bangle inlaid with gems, stones, pearls or shells. 
  • For texture, add a hammered bangle, textured bangle or bangle with baubles for more contrast. 
  • Thicker cuffs can add bulk if you’re going for a highly visible look—stack them high, we say! 
  • If you don’t like the heavy feeling of a bangle stacks, choose hollow bangles or go for thinner bangles interspersed with lighter bracelets and thin chains.
  • For an edgier look, add a black or brown leather strap to your bangle stack.

How to stack bangles: style gallery 

 Elegant bangle stack

This pretty bangle stack features our Contempo Bangles, Hammered Bangles, Hinged Bangle and Ball Bracelet.


 Hammered Bangle Stack | Desiderate Jewellery

A selection of hammered bangles in various sizes creates an on-trend edgy look.

 Hammered Bangle stack

Bubbles ball bracelet: strictly not a bangle, but perfect for stacking.


 You can mix it up with a stack on one arm and a single bracelet on the other.


Double linked bangle

 The double linked bangle adds an immediate point of focal interest and looks great on its own or styled into a bangle stack.


slimline stack bangles

Stacking the same slimline bangle looks simple and elegant, is a more low-key look, ideal for casual events or the workplace. 

 Desiderate Bangle Stack

Mix up a variety of textures and bracelets in any way you wish - you can’t go wrong!


Is there anything more boho than bangles stacked high on each wrist and rings on many fingers? This look is perfect for a beachy summer gathering. 


Styling tips when you stack bangles

The rules are, there ain’t no rules. 



For a boho look 

  • stack bangles high on each wrist 
  • add rings—the more the better
  • mix textures, styles and colours with abandon
  • bangles with turquoise provide instant boho cred
  • wear with flowy dresses or peasant tops


For a corporate look 

  • stack the same bangle for a streamlined effect
  • stick to one wrist only 
  • stack on your non-dominant wrist 
  • if you work at a desk you can take them off while typing 


For a relaxed look

  • alternate chunky bangles with slimline chains 
  • add texture with hammered bangles
  • pair with simple jeans and t-shirt for a touch of instant polish


For a party look  

  • choose textured bangles that draw the eye 
  • bangles inlaid with shells, stones or gems add a touch of glitz


For an edgy look

  • add leather straps to a bangle stack
  • make a bold statement with a larger cuff paired with chunky bangles
  • choose black onyx as your feature stone


Not a fan of bangle stacks? Let us try to change your mind 

As a jewellery retailer, we love to canvas opinions about jewellery trends. When talking bangles, here’s the common objections (and what we say in response). 


It’s heavy

Our hollow bangles are surprisingly light. If you aren’t used to the weight of bangles, choose a lighter bracelet or slimline bangle. This way, you still get the stack effect without the weight on your wrist. Also: stack the bangles on your dominant wrist—it's likely to be stronger. 


It’s difficult to get used to 

We think the stylish look is worth the effort! If you love the style, you will persevere. We have some customers who wear bangles so often, they don’t feel dressed for the day without one! If you start small with just one bangle, you will find you get used to it quickly. Soon you won’t even notice it. Before long, you can add more to your stacks without thinking twice. 


It’s noisy

It’s true, the rattle of the bangle stack is something you'll have to live with. But as we’ve already said: long live the clang of the bangle! This one we can’t fix. Just embrace it, we reckon. It’s your right to wear jewellery however you wish, and if there’s a little clang from time to time, so be it. 


It’s overdone

Says who? Fusspots with nothing to do but judge your fashion choices? You can’t please all the people all of the time. So you may as well wear what you like. If you love it and feel great wearing it, there’s no reason to care what anyone else thinks. 


Ready to go bangle shopping? 

Try these bangles for bangle stacking fun. 

Contempo bangle: comes in 14 mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm and 6mm and loads of wrist sizes.

Silver Bangles | Desiderate Jewellery


Bubbles ball bracelet: strictly not a bangle, but perfect for stacking.


Silver Ball Bracelet ? Desiderate Jewellery


Contempo beaten bangle: comes in different thicknesses and different wrist sizes

Beaten Silver Bangle | Desiderate Jewellery



Simple circle bangle: a lighter bangle with a textured circle pattern that adds a focal point of interest.

silver stacking bangles | Desiderate

Silver stacking bangle: another lightweight bangle that stacks perfectly with duplicates or as part of a random selection.

Silver bangles to stack


Enjoy stacking those bangles!


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