Memorial Jewellery Stories: Keepsakes To Keep Memories Alive

Celebrate someone you loved and lost with memorial jewellery

Celebrate someone you loved and lost with memorial jewellery 

Coping with the loss of someone you love is one of the hardest things to go through in life. 

It takes time to adjust to a new way of living without them. And the closer you were, the harder it can be. Memorial jewellery is a heartfelt way to keep them in your mind as time moves on. 

If you have ever lost someone dear to your heart, you might like to find ways to remember them. And memorial jewellery is a great way to do that. Every time you wear and enjoy your jewellery, you’ll be reminded of the good times you shared together. 

Many customers tell us they invest in memorial jewellery for this reason. We asked a few to share their stories. Here’s what they said: 

“I bought a ring to remember my Dad,” 

Suzie, 59 

‘My Dad passed away a few years ago and I inherited a small amount of money from his estate. It wasn’t enough to put on the mortgage or save so I bought a ring to remember him by. His favourite colour was deep blue so I got a sapphire blue ring. I don’t always wear it but when I do I think fondly of Dad. The blue colours remind me of the ocean and his love of fishing. He would take me and my brother fishing as a child. It’s been a nice way to remember Dad.’ 

“I lost a child” 

Jo, 37

Giving birth to a stillborn baby was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. When you lose a baby people feel awkward and don’t like to talk about it. I wanted something to remember her by and not let her existence be forgotten. So I got a silver bangle that I wear every day to honour her memory

“I wanted jewellery to remember my cousin” 

Chantel, 58 

“My cousin Belinda was more like my sister, as our mothers are identical twins. We grew up together because both our mothers got divorced. As teenagers we were so close even though she is four years older than me. Belinda was a girly girl who loved pink. Sadly she died from breast cancer last year. So I bought a pink pendant to remember her. I’ll always keep it and think of her when I wear it.” 

“A good alternative to memorial jewellery made from ashes” 

Emily, 32

“When my grandmother died my three sisters and I looked into getting jewellery custom made from her ashes. But it was quite expensive and outside our budget. So we did the next best thing and bought matching rings to wear in her memory. We all wear the trilogy white topaz ring as memorial jewellery in honour of our beloved grandma. I love that we all wear the same ring and seeing my sisters with the ring on makes me smile.” 

“I will pass it on to my daughter” 

Jess, 44

“When my mother died I was devastated. One of the hardest things was knowing that my young daughter won’t have a relationship with her grandma. So I bought a pair of earrings to remember my mother and I plan to share it with my daughter. She always admires the earrings when I wear them. It gives me a chance to say it’s the ‘grandma earrings’ and talk to her about her grandmother. When she’s older I’ll give them to her, to keep the memory alive.” 

Charm memorial jewellery 

Some customers purchase our musings charms to have engraved with the names of their missing loved one. You can get a name, number or word stamped on the charm and wear it on a bracelet or necklace to remember your special people. One customer got the initials ‘MM’ and ‘RM’ on two charms as memory jewellery for her parents. She wears it on our musings charm bracelet as a way to keep mum and dad close to her every day. 

Birthstone memorial jewellery 

A lovely way to keep a memento of your favourite person is by choosing a gemstone for their month of birth. This creates a symbolic connection to you and the person you’ve lost, honouring your relationship and keeping it alive in your heart from years to come. 

We have a large range of birthstone memorial jewellery that is a perfect way to remember someone special. 

When you wear the jewellery, you’ll cherish the memory of someone you’ve lost but also harness the power of each gemstone in your life. 

January birthstone - Garnet 

qualities: presence, recovery, clarity 

wear it to: calm worry, see the truth, boost energy, attract luck, aid mindfulness 

Garnet ring - Desiderate

February birthstone - Amethyst 

qualities: contentment, purity, manifestation

wear it to: still your mind, stem negative energy, reach a higher frequency, ease stress 

Desiderate ring - Amethyst

March birthstone - Aquamarine 

qualities: healing, calming, youth

wear it to: feel young, spark joy, protect your wellbeing, feel lightness  

April birthstone - Diamond (we stock white topaz) 

qualities: peace, hope and inspiration

wear it to: boost self-confidence, think more clearly, foster ideas, improve your memory

May birthstone - Emerald 

qualities: renewal, enthusiasm, commitment, luck

wear it to: bring balance, perform in competition, build friendship and fun, strengthen memory

June birthstone - Pearl 

qualities: friendship, faithfulness, happiness

wear it to: harness joy, celebrate femininity, acknowledge love, deepen spiritual practice

July birthstone - Ruby 

qualities: passion, love, intensity 

wear it to: summon willpower, attract good luck, demonstrate power, encourage romance 

August birthstone - Peridot 

qualities: success, luck, peace 

wear it to: soothe nerves, dispel anxiety, improve sleep, perform well  

September birthstone - Sapphire 

qualities: strength, healing, truth, integrity 

wear it to: banish evil spirits, recover from illness, maintain self-discipline, focus the mind

October birthstone - Opal 

qualities: security, protection, confidence, happiness

wear it to: protect yourself from negative energy, increase self-esteem, boost spontaneity

November birthstone - Citrine 

qualities: warmth, creativity, positivity 

wear it to: awaken inspiration, clear negativity, inspire action towards your goals 

December birthstone - Blue Topaz 

qualities: empowerment, protection, success 

wear it to: boost creativity, evoke happiness, remain calm in tense situations

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