Silver jewellery 2024

Chunky silver jewellery is having a fashion moment

Chunky silver jewellery is having a fashion moment 

And we’re here for it 

We know: chunky silver jewellery is always in fashion. It’s timeless, classic and elegant. But trends do come and go and silver jewellery seems to be in vogue for 2024. 

At the Grammys, Taylor Swift wore a stack of chunky silver necklaces alongside a rather curious watch-like black choker. 

Taylor Swift - Silver Jewellery - Desiderate

Taylor Swift in chunky silver jewellery at the 2024 Grammys. Picture: Facebook. 

Golden Globes 2024 - silver jewellery

And at the Emmys, stars like Aubrey Plaza, Taraji P Henderson were sporting chunky silver rings on the red carpet. 

Helen Mirren - Silver Jewellery -Desiderate

At the Golden Globes, Aussie actress Elizabeth Debicki (of the Crown fame) sported lovely silver necklaces, as did Dame Helen Mirren.  

Our bestsellers prove the silver jewellery trend 

As one of Australia’s most awarded silver jewellery retailers, we know exactly what Aussie women are buying (or telling someone else to buy). And all our top sellers? They’re all chunky silver jewellery, of course. 

Our top sellers are: 

The Contempo Sterling Silver Bangle 

Chunky Silver Bangle | Desiderate
The White Topaz Trilogy Ring 
White Topaz Ring | Desiderate

The Contempo Beaten Bangle 

Silver beaten bangle | Desiderate

The Bold Ring (in various gemstones) 

Chunky citrine ring Chunky morganite ring London Blue Topaz Ring 

The Entwined Bangle 

Twisted silver bangle

The Mahtava Ring (also in various gemstones) 

 swiss blue topaz amethyst ring | Desiderate Garnet Ring

Seeing a trend? We’re selling thousands of pieces of silver jewellery every single month! 

And we know that many customers want the inside knowledge on our best sellers, because they 

Click the ‘bestsellers’ tab when shopping in each category—so you’re not alone if you’re curious about what everyone else is choosing from our collection. 

Here’s 10 reasons why we love chunky silver jewellery

  1. It’s flattering for any skin tone
  2. It’s more affordable than gold
  3. It’s hardy — if you care for it, it can last decades 
  4. It’s easy to clean and take care of 
  5. It’s classic and will never go out of style 
  6. It’s wonderful for plus size bodies, as the chunkier shapes add balance 
  7. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any outfit 
  8. It matches well with gold for an edgy mixed-metal look
  9. Stacking silver bangles, rings, pendants or necklaces takes your look to a whole new level 
  10. It’s the ultimate boho look — for relaxed, beachy, essentially Aussie vibes 

How to update your look with chunky silver jewellery 

Firstly, add one or two statement pieces. You can never go wrong with a sleek, gleaming sterling silver bangle. Or two, or three, or four! 

Silver hoop earrings are another classic investment item that you can wear for years to come. 

We have many affordable pieces that make great everyday fashion items, like our Zodiac range, so you can build your silver jewellery collection without breaking the bank. 

Gemeni Pendant | Desiderate

Another great way to start your collection is to choose your favourite gemstone and select pieces featuring that stone. Then, you’ll always have matching jewellery in your collection. 

Start by choosing a gemstone that flatters your complexion (and if you know your seasonal colour, you’ll know that particular shades flatter your colouring: 

How to wear chunky silver jewellery to special events 

Silver jewellery for special events

Got a wedding, conference or special party? Silver jewellery can elevate your look and give you a sophisticated charm or an edgy, on-fashion vibe. 

 A glamorous touch is a chunky silver necklace, like our double link necklace with matching double link earrings. 

Or you can create an elegant impact with matching pendant, earrings and ring, such as the striking emerald quartz mahtava collection. Stunning, chic and perfect for evening wear. 

emerald jewellery | Desiderate

Chunky silver jewellery will never go out of style

Like the classic little black dress, simple white sneakers or leather handbag, silver jewellery is a fashion staple that lasts for generations. Silver is affordable, yet timelessly sophisticated. 

It looks great on all skin tones, and has endless variations in style, shape and ways to wear it. Silver jewellery pieces look wonderful alone for a simple style statement as well as stacking together to create a spectacular wow factor. Some of us just don’t feel ‘done’ without our signature silver jewellery, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

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