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December Horoscope 2023

Welcome to the fabulous month of December – where the feelings are high, and the stars are throwing a celestial party just for you.

So, here's the cosmic lowdown with a touch of glam: We're still riding the wave of Sagittarius season, urging us to explore, learn, and sprinkle a bit of creativity in our lives. It's like an open invitation to bring in artsy, cultural vibes into your space and let those creative juices flow.

Now, mark your calendars because Mercury, the planet of chat, tech, and travel, waltzes into Capricorn on the first day of the month. It's like a cosmic nudge to focus on your to-do list and conquer those goals. Get ready for some grounding energy – think about organising, planning, and adulting like a pro. Capricorn's also the finances boss, so you might get cozy with someone or share financial duties. 

Now is the time to treat yourself to a jade bangle to help with your organisational prowess.

Desiderate - Jade Bangle

Fast forward to the 4th – Venus, the love-and-beauty guru, struts into Scorpio, turning your life into a sensual adventure. Embrace those vibes, heighten your senses, and turn every moment into an exciting experience. 

And speaking of excitement, why not throw on some statement earrings to add a dash of drama to your sensory journey?

Desiderate - Statement earrings

Hold onto your cosmic hats because, on December 12th, a new moon in Sagittarius will swing by, letting you set some epic intentions for the future. On the 13th, Mercury retrograde kicks in (cue the collective gasp), slowing things down until January 1st, 2024. Don't panic – it's a chance to hit pause, chill, and set healthier boundaries. 

Now, about those intentions – why not seal the deal with some gorgeous jewellery that symbolises your dreams and aspirations? Some of the best gems for manifesting include citrine, rose quartz, amethyst, moonstone, blue topaz, tigers eye and peridot. As we roll into the holiday season, the sun struts into Capricorn on the 21st, making us ponder long-term goals and the habits we need to reach them. Less quantity, more quality!

Desiderate - Gemstone Necklace

What better way to remind yourself of those quality goals than with a meaningful bangle that captures the essence of your journey? I suggest the Divinity Bracelet or a Contempo Bangle.

Fast forward to December 26th – a luminous Full Moon in Cancer offers a chance to ditch old patterns and step into a more grounded, emotionally savvy you.

Try smoky quartz to help with the grounding and to accentuate that emotional glow, why not wear rose quartz - the stone of love that resonates with your newfound vibes?

Don't miss Venus stepping into fiery Sagittarius on the 29th. It's like an invitation to bring in colours, textures, and things that scream 'inspiration' into your home. Think swiss blue topaz, pink tourmaline and ruby.

And to complete this cosmic ensemble, as Jupiter ends its retrograde in Taurus on the 29th, signalling it's time to level up your look, your life, and your habits, why not celebrate with a  new emerald piece -  emerald is the stone of growth, emerald represents patience, brings good luck and happiness.

Let's make this December a stellar one! 🌠💖

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