Do gemstones have healing powers?

Do gemstones have healing powers?

Do gemstones have healing powers?

Understanding the meanings of gemstones

If you’ve been around these parts before, you’d know about my love of gemstones and their healing powers.

Whether you believe in it or not, gemstones are more than just their beauty.  They also hold healing powers, special meanings, and spiritual aspects.

Gemstones have been used throughout history as tokens to keep bad spirits away, bring good luck, maintain positive energy, attract love and romance, plus more. Each gemstone embodies its own unique energy that creates a healing force and therapeutic effects.

If you’re searching for a gift that brings both a smile and healing vibes, there are many options in the Desiderate online store. 

What type of healing powers do gemstones have? 

Find a gift with meaning

Here’s a list of 10 of my favourite gemstones to work with and their meanings 

  1. Garnet - Known for its creative energy, the Garnet is a sensual and regenerative stone that aims to keep you strong, grounded, and protected. 

  2. Peridot - A Peridot brings success, good luck and peace. It also soothes nerves and dispels anxiety, resulting in an improved night’s sleep.

  3. Black Onyx - As a powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy. It’s used to encourage happiness and attract good fortune. Ideal for using in meditation and dreaming.

  4. Moonstone - The Moonstone is believed to hold the power of the moon itself, hence the name, and symbolises love and peacefulness. It also improves confidence and fertility, and is said to awaken feminine energies.

  5. Citrine - In its natural form, Citrine is comforting and energizing. It’s the premier stone of manifestation and imagination, encouraging fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

  6. Amethyst - Known for its stress-relieving qualities, the Amethyst stone brings calmness and stability. It protects against negativity and encourages a clear mind for good decision-making.

  7. Turquoise - This empowering stone is recognised for its protective powers - but only if gifted by a friend. Turquoise attracts good luck, success, and creativity.

  8. Ruby - The Ruby stone is associated with passion, love, fury - all of our most intense emotions. It’s known for bringing strength, confidence, and boosting willpower, while also attracting good luck. 

  9. Aquamarine - Believed to encompass the healing properties of the sea and calming benefits of water, the Aquamarine gemstone attracts good health, calmness, and eternal youth. It’s also known for keeping love young and joyous, making it a perfect engagement or wedding gift. 

  10. Sapphire - The Sapphire stone symbolises truth, sincerity, integrity, and faithfulness. It’s also believed to banish evil spirits and entice good health.

So many gorgeous gemstones to choose from - with so many special meanings and healing powers. 

Browse through the online store and see which pieces speak to you the most. Or simply choose something that would look the most stunning on your loved one!

* Please note I’m not offering medical advice here and can’t guarantee results. However, owning these pieces won’t do any harm. Worst case scenario, you or your loved one will have something pretty to wear!

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