Fashion for over 40.. how to capture your bohemian spirit ... Boho style ...

Fashion for over 40.. how to capture your bohemian spirit ... Boho style ...

Fashion over 40 (hhmm & older) How to capture your Bohemian spirit.

It’s not a secret. I have a bohemian spirit. I’m an artist, a wanderer (well … in my head). I’m unconventional and different. My life is quite conservative …but in my heart…there is a wild and free me! And most often it comes out in my choice of fashion.

When I was in my teens and 20’s I remember trying to put “looks” together. Then? I didn’t know about the whole boho style thing…but it was TOTALLY a part of who I am. Some of my choices were probably a bit off … I actually remember a guy saying to me ‘Oh I like the slutty look’ I mean WTH? Not the look I was going for!

I do have a bohemian spirit, I’m an artist and a wanderer.

I used to paint for a living, with acrylics on canvas .. not houses. I was also a hairdresser who specialised in colour … I have lived in over 28 homes .. not counting people I’ve stayed with! But those topics are for another day …

Being over a certain age means I choose more carefully. I don’t want to BE a teenager. I don’t want to LOOK like a teenager. But boho-chic is who I am, it suits my personality. It’s also fun and an easy look for anyone to capture.

The boho style lends itself to dresses and boots and they are my favourite things. You can play with it and wear what you like .. if you don’t like high boots? Then wear flats! Is your dress too short? Put it over jeans or a slip. And drape yourself in boho jewellery. Haha I know a good place to get the perfect boho jewellery pieces! Layer. Layer Layer. With this boho-chic style there are no mistakes .. It’s undeniably you… You get to choose what you like.

Embrace your style ... Embrace your bohemian dreams ... Embrace your inner gypsy… She is begging to be set free… At least in how you feel and present yourself …

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  • Nicholetta Kritikos

    This is a beautiful article! i loved it. I am currently going bohemian jewellery online, i actually started from reading loads of great lifestyle articles like thanks for sharing beautiful information about bohemian spirit. Please keep sharing !

  • Pam

    beautiful and thank you for making us feel welcome xx

  • Alysha

    Such amazing jewelry!

  • Melissa

    Your jewellery is amazing!

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