February Birthstone Amethyst

February Birthstone Amethyst


If you, or someone you know has a February birthday, then you already know this, but ...People born in February are quirky!

They tend to be a bit sensitive and can be extraordinarily talented.

And if you believe the history of fortune telling, February is believed to be the month that produces geniuses.

Thing is though, being 'genius' in something can lead to forgetting to keep on top of day to day things and this can lead to people thinking that they're an airhead..

Sometimes even they can start to believe it themselves in a moment of self doubt.

It's not difficult to believe then, that February Birthday ladies tend to be bored by ordinary gifts.

If you want a gift for someone with a February Birthday that she'll love, consider something that is particularly meaningful to her, like the February birthstone of Amethyst.

Amethyst is a well known, much loved gem.

PURPLE LOVERS worldwide agree!

Is Amethyst Natures Xanax?

We call Amethyst 'Natures Xanax'. Amethyst is known for her stress relieving qualities. Bringing calmness, stability and protects against negativity. So pop your Amethyst on and get ready to calm down, chill out and settle petal.
You've got this!

Can Amethyst Keep You Sober?

Apparently Amethyst can stop you getting drunk ... I'm on my second wine now while writing this, so please let me know in the comments below if I make typos, or get obviously drunk. If not .. maybe it's true LOL
(I'm drinking while writing for the experiment of course, LOL)

Seriously, though, Amethyst is known as the sobriety stone, the name Amethyst comes from a greek word 'amethystos' which translates to 'sober' or 'not drunk'. Really ... it's said to keep you quick witted and clear thinking.

So if you're heading out for a few bevvy's, put that Amethyst ring on, just to be safe!

Is Amethyst a Protection Stone?

In past times farmers believed that Amethyst protected their crops from hailstones and locusts, I can't help but wonder how they work for bushfires, drought and climate change?

Can Amethyst Help With Decision Making?

Leonardo Da Vinci wore or carried Amethyst constantly, he believed it has the power the help make shrewd business decisions, control evil thoughts and encourage smart thoughts to come to mind quickly.

It's widely believed that Amethyst keeps your mind clear and concise ready for easily making good decisions of all types.

Can Amethyst Make Your Dreams Come True?

The Hebrew word for Amethyst is 'ahlamah' and that means 'dream'. The belief is that Amethyst causes dreams and visions which protect you from any harm.

As a calming stone Amethyst can prevent insommnia, so you can get to sleep to have these intuitive dreams. As a bonus, Amethyst helps you to remember dreams as well as preventing nightmares.

Is All Amethyst Purple?

Amethyst is purple, although the depth varies from pale violet to deep dark purple, almost black. The deeper the colour the more valued and expensive the Amethyst crystal is.

If treated with very high temperatures, Amethyst can lose colour and turn yellow and sometimes green.

Is Green Amethyst Real?

Green Amethyst, or Mint Amethyst is Amethyst that has been heat treated to change colour and is called Prasiolite.

This can happen naturally when the rock which the Amethyst is in has been affected by heat such as a lava flow.

Amethyst is also heat treated in laboritory ovens to achieve the greenish yellow colour.

Is Amethyst a Love Stone?

Amethyst brings love and happiness, peace and understanding along with contentment and humility.

Not only does Amethyst keep you quick witted, sober and calm ... BUT it's also known as the stone of Saint Valentine, the patron of romantic love. Saint Valentine himself wore an Amethyst ring with a cupid carved into it. 

Is Purple a Royal Colour?

The purple colour of Amethyst has been related to royalty, who often wore purple robes, and associated with wealth and power throughout history.

Even now the Queen of England often wears an Amethyst brooch which is from the Kent Amethyst Set. This collection was made for the Duchess of Kent in the 19th century when her daughter died and it's one of the oldest jewellery sets owned by the British Royals.

Why Do People Like Purple?

Purple is a dramatic, creative colour while lighter shades are calming and soothing. If purple's your favourite colour it can mean that you're a free spirit who's caring and supportive. 

'When I'm an old woman I shall wear purple' is a saying from a poem, that we've all heard, right? Let's not wait until we're old, and if by chance, you think you may be? Wear purple!

Or anything you want xxx

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