Happy Birthday Libra

Happy Birthday Libra

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Libran’s out there!  It is your month to shine, and shine you do. 


Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love you are fortunate enough to be blessed with good looks, elegance and a whole lotta charm. Venus represents cooperation, happiness, compromise and values – all wonderful words we can associate with you my dear Librans.  In the Zodiac you are represented by the mechanical symbol of the Scales and it’s the only sign that is not represented by an animal, enhancing the way you stand out even more.  In the mystical Tarot Libra is represented by the Justice card which is 11th card in the Major Arcana.  When it is dealt in a spread it calls for balance, equality and fairness, usually in a legal setting.  Karmic Justice is normally served to the querent as well. In our Birth or Natal Charts, where we have Libra placed is where we seek balance. 


A lot of people believe Librans to be a balanced lot, which for the most part can be incorrect.  You my lovely ones constantly SEEK balance (there’s a difference) and boy oh boy be careful if you don’t get this.  Being out of balance will affect your normally happy equilibriums and this is not nice for anyone, especially you.  You are constantly striving to keep everyone happy and you will often sacrifice your own sense of peace to well, keep the peace.  Always longing for partnership, Librans desire harmony with others and you will rarely be found in solitude.  You are avery social sign and love being surrounded by others.  You are also a very tolerant and  

forgiving sign, perhaps too forgiving at times which can be to your detriment.  You prefer equality and cooperation over confrontation any day. 


Well yes you are but you can also be very indecisive and sometimes run hot and cold, especially male Librans.  They struggle to understand even themselves as they are not an overly emotional sign. Libra is an Air sign which means you are thinkers, enjoy communication, and breeze through life with a ‘live and let live’ mentality. On the flip side, you can sometimes be a little woeful at times, bordering on self-pity. Careful this does not come off as being petulant or sulky lovely Librans.  You love romance and anything ‘Venusian’ will indeed set your heart all a flutter.  You want to be taken to the best restaurants where you can indulge in the finest wines and culinary delights.  Careful of overindulging in too much of the old vino plonko though as Libra rules the kidney’s!



Is it me? The lovely Libra?  This quote was made for you gorgeous ones. You want to be admired constantly and have exceptional manners and etiquette.  You love anything to do with art and music and are put off by vulgar behaviour and anything that is not ‘pleasing’ to the eye.  You are often doused in the most alluring of perfumes and colognes and believe that you have exquisite taste.  Male Libra Sun, Moon and Rising signs are often seen wearing soft pastels and can pull off wearing a pink shirt like it is no one’s business. A lot of Libran’s also have dimples in those gorgeous cheeks encapsulated in that perfectly aligned, heart shaped face of yours.  Libran’s are softly spoken and rarely raise their voice. 


Libran’s are sometimes referred to as ‘fence sitters’ as you never want to upset the status quo.  However, this also works in your favour as you are often consulted when a situation calls for fairness, equality, justice, and harmony.  You also have the innate ability to see both sides of a situation and make excellent mediators.  It is obvious then that a lot of Librans make outstanding Lawyers or are seen working in the legal field.  However, being ruled by Venus you also thrive in the arts - namely fashion, design, cosmetics and beauty.  You would also make wonderful interior designers or decorators, due to your keen eye for beauty, taste and quality.


Having excellent fashion sense, you are also the sign that is always adorned with sparkly jewellery, rings and anything that blings!  Speaking of bling, the Opal is a wonderful gemstone that is as captivating as you, dear Libra and it is why it’s your chosen zodiacal stone and the stone of those born in the month of October. 

The Opal is known as the Queen of Gems and was once believed to contain all the qualities and virtues associated with a combination of different monochromatic gems.  Traditionally and symbolically the Opal is a stone associated with loyalty, faithfulness, purity, hope and confidence.  It was once believed to behold beneficial properties that aided in vision externally but also with vision internally in the way of dreams and manifestations. 

The Opal has also been associated with love and passion, as well as desire and eroticism. It is a seductive stone that intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions and can act as an emotional stabilizer – perfect for our beautiful Libran’s to get their scales balanced wouldn’t you say?  

What gemstone is for Libra


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