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Happy Birthday Pisces

Oh beautiful Pisces, it’s your birthday!!! Can I wake you from your fantasy and dreams you are having right now to wish you a big happy birthday?  You do love losing yourself in such enchanting faraway places but this won’t take long I promise, and you can go back to escaping….


Pisces is rules by the nebulous, nefarious planet, Neptune.  What a confusing planet he is, distorting reality and leaving a wave of invisible delusion and confusion whenever he is around.  He rules all things fantasy, creativity and imagination and helps you lose yourself when you need to disappear into your head for a little bit.  Whenever Neptune makes a transit to our chart or where we find Neptune in our birth chart can be indicative of feeling lost, things disappearing or having the inclination of confusion and/or instability. 

 In the Tarot we find Pisces represented by the Moon card in the major arcana.  The Moon can bring confusion and fluctuations of moods and feelings. There could be secrets lying dormant, ready to be revealed.  There is also a sense of fear as well that lies deep within our psyche that we need to overcome.  If we can rise above and avoid hiding or escaping these fears then the Sun will shine, which interestingly enough is the next card that follows the Moon. 


Many actors, musicians and artists are Pisces.  They have the most wonderfully creative abilities in all that they do and they can bring to life something written on paper or in their imagination with ease and feeling.  They like to lose themselves in the world of art or acting/singing because it means they can become a different person.  Pisces don’t want to be truly ‘seen’ so this is their way of expressing themselves through the arts. 


Due to their constant need to escape themselves and life there could be a propensity to disappear into the world of excessive booze and drugs.  A Piscean really needs to be careful that this does not form into a reliance to get them through and they must realise that the only way to overcome issues is to come out from where you lie, deep, deep down. 

Just like the Moon card in the Tarot, you must face your fears and bring these with you as you travel through your psyche and into the light of the Sun that awaits.


You’re just such a beautiful sign Pisces, you really are.  You are compassionate, kind, sensitive and very caring.  You are the spiritual healers of the Zodiac and you feel others suffering deeply.  As Pisces is the 12th and final sign you tend to feel quite overwhelmed and confused.  That’s because you can take on the qualities of alllll of the previous eleven signs before you.  You can be fragile my sensitive ones and due to this you can be emotionally manipulated and taken advantage of.  Sometimes you want to help others so much but cannot, as they don’t want to be helped.  It’s then that you may fall into the traps of martyrdom and self-pitying behaviour so you must take care here. 

Because it all becomes just too much for our delicate fishies. They rarely have a temper and are not considered cutthroat in their dealings at all.  Due to this they can appear to be a bit ‘lost’ or spaced out and most of the time they are off dreaming and finding their way through perception opposed to say a map or directions.  Being absentminded is a trait of Pisces and it’s not done on purpose – they just don’t want to think so much and find it totally unnecessary and would rather just go with the flow, like fish swimming freely. 


Pisces is a water sign, so their need to be near or around water brings them peace.  Boat Captains or working on the water brings them emotional stability.  Pisces also make fabulous anaesthetist – sending others off to sleep via drugs fulfils them immensely as does being a Pharmacist.  They make wonderful actors, musicians and artists due to their creativity and find joy as a photographer and filmmaker.  Pisceans make wonderful Counsellors, especially in the area of addictions and due to them being extremely intuitive and perceptive, they are often psychic.


Amethyst is one of the world’s most well-known healing gemstones, so it’s only apt that this is Pisces birthstone.  The beautiful hues of purple invoke a sense of calmness and promotes spiritual wisdom and awareness.  It is said to be an incredibly healing and protective gem and can assist with blocking out negative thought patterns and bringing forth feelings of humility, sincerity and compassionate wisdom. 

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