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Healing Properties Of Gemstones

The power of healing gemstone rings 

by Janine Leghissa 

Desiderate founder 

I’ve been a fan of gemstone rings since—forever! As a child, I’d raid my mother’s jewellery box and play with her rings of amber, opal, pearl and moonstone, just wishing they would fit on my little-girl fingers. I guess that’s how my lifelong love of jewellery, especially gemstone rings, began. 

As I grew older I learned that gemstones are not just pretty trinkets. I discovered that I could use healing gemstone rings to enhance the qualities I wanted to call forth for that time in my life. I would visit the beachside markets in New South Wales and be transfixed by the glittering natural stones, and I began building my collection. Back then I was more focused on the cute colours and styles, but as I grew older I began to learn about gemstone meanings. 

Healing properties of gemstones 

Perhaps healing isn’t the right word, because I’ve yet to find a gemstone that can cure my lupus, make childbirth painless or reduce my blood pressure. Gemstones can’t cure medical conditions. But I do believe that gemstones can harness and accentuate the qualities you want to embody in your life. By wearing a gemstone ring you can easily enjoy its natural beauty, as well as tap into its spiritual powers whenever you need a boost. 

How I use healing gemstone rings in my everyday life 

I love to mix up my gemstone rings daily, choosing the rings that suit my mood and will best support me during whatever challenges I have for the day ahead. So, in the morning, I’ll ask myself: 

  • how do I want to feel today?
  • what qualities do I need to call in today? 

And if I have time, I will journal about the answers that come to me. But usually, I’m in a rush so I think about this while I’m getting ready in the morning. After dressing, I’ll choose a gemstone ring or two (or three, or four) to draw out the essences I’m hoping to embody for the day. 

The gemstone rings I like to choose and why 

Aquamarine for pain management 

When my lupus is flaring, and I am in pain, I like to wear aquamarine for its protective and light qualities. There is something symbolic in me sliding on an aquamarine gemstone ring when I’m in pain—it feels like I’m doing something positive for myself. It doesn’t always ease the pain, but it helps my mindset and gives me a positive outlook. 

Tigers eye for protection 

I love tigers eye when I’m around a variety of people. I tend to wear it when I’m going to be in a crowd or an event. I swear I am more likely to win the door prize when I wear a tigers eye gemstone ring, as it attracts abundance. I always feel protected and positive when I wear it so it’s great for big group gatherings like family dinners, birthday parties, business award nights or conferences. 

Larimar for serenity 

When I am meditating, I wear larimar for calmness, serenity and relaxation. Sometimes I pass my fingertips over the smooth stone, and I visualise myself at the beach, imagining the larimar blues in the reflection of the waves. I love the soft blue tones of larimar, and that feeling of calmness and tranquillity hits me from just looking at the gemstones. Stacking up larimar on each finger not only looks perfectly boho but amplifies its healing gemstone energy. 

Moonstone for emotional balance 

When my team or my family are stressing, I wear moonstone (and make them wear it too) for emotional balance. I try to be someone others can rely on for support, and moonstone really helps me show empathy and understanding. As a Leo, I can be tempted to rush into fixit mode, and moonstone reminds me that I don’t have to solve everything for others—often just listening is the best way to help. 

Amethyst for soothed nerves 

When I am flying, I wear amethyst to quell my anxiety (I’m not a good flyer). I get so nervous on a plane, so I stack on my amethyst gemstone rings and when we land or takeoff, I rub the stones in my palms and try to keep calm! The amethyst helps to quiet my mind and help me feel grounded. I like to visualise myself getting off the plane successfully and amethyst helps with the manifestation process. 

Rhodochrosite for connection 

When I’m seeing friends I choose rhodochrosite for connection and femininity. I always make it my go-to on a girls night, as the pretty pinks are so feminine and pretty. I love a good, deep chat with my friends and rhodochrosite helps facilitate those insightful conversations. 

Citrine for creativity

When I am planning my business content, I wear citrine for that creative spark. I write emails, blogs, newsletters, and make reels for Instagram and TikToks so I am constantly looking for ideas for content that my audience will love. Citrine is the stone of inspiration, action and creativity, so it’s the perfect gemstone to accompany me when I need an active boost of ideas. 

Garnet and opal for stressful situations 

When I am feeling stressed, I wear garnet to calm worry and opal for a self-esteem boost. II find garnet good for easing clarity, and often when I am stressed my mind is running a million miles an hour and I can’t think clearly. Garnet helps me immensely. And opal bings me stability and helps protect me from (my own) negative energy. 

Morganite and onyx for tiredness

When I am tired, I wear morganite for elevated spirit, and onyx for focus. Morganite elevates my spirit, and helps me push through when I am feeling depleted of energy. Deep black onyx gives me power and rejuvenation when I need it most. (Plus they look great together on my fingers.)

Peridot for performance

When I want an easy breezy day, I wear a peridot gemstone ring for good performance and soothed anxiety. Peridot is the gemstone of success, luck and peace, so who doesn’t want a daily dose of that in their lives? 

Turquoise for empowerment 

If I think conflict or a difficult conversation is ahead, I wear turquoise to keep calm. As a small business owner there are sometimes the need for difficult conversations and turquoise helps me communicate clearly, and keep my bombastic Leo fierceness calm and controlled. 

The power of gemstone rings 

Here’s some popular stones and the gemstone meanings they can embody: 


qualities: contentment, purity, manifestation

wear it to: still your mind, stem negative energy, reach a higher frequency, ease stress 


qualities: healing, calming, youth

wear it to: feel young, spark joy, protect your wellbeing, feel lightness  


qualities: warmth, creativity, positivity 

wear it to: awaken inspiration, clear negativity, inspire action towards your goals 


qualities: presence, recovery, clarity 

wear it to: calm worry, see the truth, boost energy, attract luck, aid mindfulness 


qualities: calmness, serenity, relaxation

wear it to: go with the flow, cool your temper, relieve stress, bring wisdom to decisions 


qualities: new beginnings, intuition, balance, understanding 

wear it to: sleep peacefully, enhance compassion, release feminine power, gain emotional balance


qualities: divinity, unconditional love, elevated spirit 

wear it to: feel dynamic, harness confidence, have fun at a party, feel unique, break boundaries 


qualities: security, protection, confidence, happiness

wear it to: protect yourself from negative energy, increase self-esteem, boost spontaneity


qualities: power, rejuvenation, protection 

wear it to: tap into strength, stabilise emotions, bring focus and confidence 


qualities: friendship, faithfulness, happiness

wear it to: harness joy, celebrate femininity, acknowledge love, deepen spiritual practice


qualities: success, luck, peace 

wear it to: soothe nerves, dispel anxiety, improve sleep, perform well  


qualities: feminine, friendship and self-love 

wear it to: take care of yourself, strengthen friendships, nurture others and yourself 

Rose quartz

qualities: love, compassion, friendship

wear it to: heal emotional wounds, soothe a troubled soul, gain comfort, enjoy friends 

Tigers Eye

qualities: protection, resolve, balance 

wear it to: boost courage, shield yourself from negativity, gain strength, attract abundance


qualities: empowerment, protection, success 

wear it to: boost creativity, evoke happiness, remain calm in tense situations 

Ready to harness the power of healing gemstone rings into your life? 

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