statement earrings can be heavy

Heavy Earrings Versus Light Earrings

We all love a glamorous pair of statement earrings but for one thing—they’re heavy! We get a lot of customers asking about heavy earrings, telling us they need light earrings to be comfortable. 

But some of us are willing to forgo a touch of discomfort to look fabulous on special occasions and don’t mind a wonderful pair of heavy earrings. The style and elegance of stunning gemstones on your ears does look truly fantastic! 

As a lifelong heavy earring wearer, you get used to it. Yes they are a touch heavy but not uncomfortable and it’s easy to ignore. But I know many customers love the look of glam earrings but find the extra weight difficult to withstand. No matter your preference for heavy earrings or light earrings, we have you covered with our huge range of gorgeous earrings. 

So I’ve ranked our best selling earrings from heaviest to lightest. We’ve left out any stud earrings as they all tend to be quite light. 

Each weight is for the individual earring. We class our earring weight into two categories: 

  • heavy earring - above five grams in weight 
  • light earring- under five grams in weight 

Heavy earrings - but oh-so glamorous, glittery and gorgeous! 

Our heaviest earrings have up to three gorgeous gemstones in each pair, so it’s no wonder they have a bit of heft. But the sparkle and shimmer of these statement earrings is just magnificent. They’re definitely not for everyday wear. If you can handle a heavier earring for a special occasion, you’ll love them.

Vivid glam earrings - 14 grams 

Luminata earrings - 14 grams 

Red coral statement earrings - 11 grams 

Moonlit earrings - 10  grams

Vivid earrings 9 grams 

Chain weave earrings 8 grams 

Celestia pink quartz earrings 7 grams 

Bold earrings 7 grams 

Moonlit love drops 6 grams 

Trilogy earrings 6 grams 

Mahtava earrings 5 grams 

Light earrings - you’ll barely feel them

Statement silver tassel earrings - 4 grams 

Inner tears moonstone earrings - 3.3 grams 

Enchanted waterfall earrings - 3 grams 

Geo diamonds 3 grams each 

Dramatic drop earrings 3 grams 

Peace within herkimer diamond drop earrings 3 grams 

Gypsy flirt earrings 3 grams 

Herkimer diamond allure earrings 3 grams 

Pink opal earth dreamer  2 grams 

Ocean dreamer rose quartz drops 2 grams 

Elegant earrings 2 grams 

Diamant drops 1 gram

Athena onyx/turquoise earrings 1 gram 

Birthstone mini drops 0.5 grams 

Worried about buying heavy earrings? 

If you are concerned that our earrings might be too heavy for you, please find your heaviest earrings that you can withstand wearing and weigh them using your kitchen scales. 

Once you know the weight you can comfortably wear, you’ll be able to choose with confidence. As due to health regulations there are no exchanges. See our returns policy for more information. 

We haven’t listed all the weights of our earrings here, so contact us if you’d like to know the precise weight of a product before purchasing. 

Happy shopping! 


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