how jewellery makes you feel

How Jewellery Makes You Feel

How jewellery makes you feel 

It’s so much more than gemstones and metal — it’s a symbol of who you are.

Jewellery is so much more than a pretty bauble on a ring, or a chunky pendant or sparkly earrings. It’s personal and meaningful and special. 

When we buy jewellery for ourselves, we’re saying, “I’m here, I matter and I deserve to treat myself.” Too often, women are told to sacrifice for others; put themselves last. Women are givers, and it’s easy to lose a little bit of ourselves with everything we do for family, friends, community and work. When we buy ourselves a little treat, we are telling ourselves that we matter too. That we deserve to feel good and look good. 

how jewellery makes you feel

When we need a pick-me-up, we find solace in putting on our jewellery, it’s part of our armour that we wear when we need strength to face the outside world. We slide on a bangle to add that extra bit of polish. Or we slip on a chunky ring after a hard day’s work for a night out with the girls. Or those dangly earrings that make a simple outfit extra special. It’s a way of giving ourselves much needed verve and feeling feminine. 

When we are dressed up for a special night out, jewellery is that extra touch that takes your look to the next level. A black dress can be dull, but pair it with glittering stones at your neck and wrists, and you’re ready for a party. 

When you’re heading into the unknown and meeting new people, your jewellery can a conversation starter too. Wear a statement piece and you find others complimenting you, and asking where you got it. Many business women wear striking jewellery to conferences, not only to stand out in a sea of male grey suits, but to give others an easy way to start a conversation. 

jewellery as a gift

Sometimes jewellery was a gift from someone special, and when we wear it, we are reminded of the people who love us. This matters even more when those special people are no longer with us. Some say that people never really die, because we carry them in our hearts. And jewellery is an extension of that. We might inherit a special piece from a loved one, or we wear something in their honour. It’s our way of reminding ourselves to keep the memories of that special person alive, always. 

At other times, jewellery is a gift to ourselves. To say well done for getting that job, for working hard or making a great contribution. Or for no reason at all — you discovered something you love, and you couldn’t resist! Jewellery becomes part of your collection, your rocks and baubles and chains tell the story— of who you are, who you were, and who you wish to be. 

your mothers jewellery box

As a girl, did you ever sneak into your mother’s jewellery box with wonder and awe? You inspected pearls and glittery stones and imagined the elegant parties filled with adults, and longed to be a part of that world. Now you’re an adult and perhaps you still wear some of those same jewels, and perhaps you’ll pass on your own collection to your family one day too.

Jewellery holds the memories of so many people in your heart. Now you have your own collection, do you delight in gathering a vast array of special pieces? Each one has a special meaning — some matter deeply, whereas some walk lightly on your heart. 

Stones are known to have special qualities, so you can choose certain pieces for the energy you need in the moment. Crystal healing is a practice that comes from a long line of powerful women. Knowledge has been passed down over the ages from women who were healers, mystics and carers. 

gemstone meanings

There is more than just beauty to these stones. Each has a unique energy field that gives them special properties, helping bring harmony to the body and balance to your soul, life and mind. Some of the traditional meanings for crystals and gemstones include: 

  • Rose quartz for love 
  • Citrine for luck or confidence 
  • Aquamarine for healing 
  • Turquoise for balance
  • Emerald for truth and tranquility
  • Ruby for wisdom and passion
  • Peridot for strength and vitality
  • Amethyst for clarity and easing stress 
  • Quartz for calm 
  • Garnet for strength 
  • Topaz for communication manifestation 
Or you might just love the colour! Some people resonate with colours for different moods, like red for love, yellow for happiness and blue for calm. Or the colours just remind you of someone wonderful. Then there’s the metal — some are strictly silver, others love gold. Or you can mix your metals and combine them. 

coloured gemstones

We have strong feelings and preferences for jewellery. Some feel they aren’t quite dressed for the day without a chunky bangle on one wrist. Whereas others only wear jewellery for special occasions. You might like one signature ring. Or perhaps you wear one on every finger — or more! With so many different ways to express yourself with jewellery, you can define your own style — and change it whenever you want. 

We’ve seen women who’ve dressed simply and professionally all their lives have a sudden and total transformation and adopt the boho look. (And vice versa.)

Women can use jewellery to try on a new persona, to see how that fits with the way she feels inside.  

Jewellery can make you feel confident, it can make you remember someone you love. It can help you celebrate yourself, or prepare yourself. It can heighten your femininity or it can bring you the energy you need and you, in turn, can infuse it with your essence.

Have a browse of our pretties and treat yourself now!



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