How statement earrings make you feel

How Statement Earrings Make You Feel

Make a simple outfit extraordinary with statement earrings. When you want to feel extra glamorous, make statement earrings your go-to choice! 

A simple outfit can get a style upgrade with a large pair of statement earrings, don’t you agree? 

Jeans, t-shirt and flats can suddenly be transformed into boho chic with the addition of a pair of oversize hoops or gemstone dangly earrings. 

But it’s more than just adding style, it adds confidence. When you take just a moment to adorn yourself with something beautiful, you show the world that you’ve made an extra effort. And when you sense those lovely earrings hanging from your lobes, it can give you a confidence boost like no other. 

Your modern suit of armour

There’s something in the ritual of donning a pair of statement earrings. Like you’re preparing yourself for the day and ready to face the world. No matter what your day might bring, hard work, human connection, difficult conversations, you feel like those statement earrings protect you in some small way. 

For instant special occasion glam

For weddings, parties and celebrations, the statement earrings are ideal. A special day needs a special look. And popping on a pair of statement earrings (or even mismatching them) shows you’ve made an effort to look your best. Unlike fabulous shoes, which are hidden beneath the table most of the night, or far from eyes' sight, earrings frame your face beautifully. Nothing makes a more memorable and sophisticated impression. You can keep your outfit relatively simple and add special statement earrings and you’ll always appear dressed up (without spending a fortune on a new dress you won’t wear again).

Conversation openers when you don’t know anyone there

Have you heard that you should always wear strong colours to conferences so you stand out? Wearing statement earrings is the same — because it creates something to talk to you about. Your earrings are noticeable, giving someone the chance to admire them and ask where you found them. (Make sure to send them our way, please!) 

So if you’re attending a party or event and don’t know anyone, it’s enough to make even a loud extrovert nervous and apprehensive. Pop on your statement earrings and be confident that conversations will start easily. 

Bad hair day? Fixed.  

If your hair refuses to behave itself, then statement earrings can’t make it suddenly lucious and smooth, but they can help disguise the problem. Simply fasten your hair into a tight bun or braid and pop on a pair of amazing gemstone earrings, mixed-stone danglers or oversize hoops. Everyone’s eyes will be drawn to the earrings, and they’ll fail to notice that your hair needs a wash or is extra frizzy today. Crisis averted — quickly and easily! 

Make multiple piercings magnificent

Are you loving the multiple ear piercing look that’s so hot at the moment? The stacks of earrings look perfect together and oh-so-boho. And a statement earring pairs perfectly with a curated collection of multiple piercings. Go for a matching stack using similar stones or mix it up completely with contrasting colours and styles. There’s no rules, so do what looks and feels good to you. 

Adding an unexpected element 

Statement earrings are made to be noticed. So it really elevates your style when you take a simple look and embellish it with bold earrings. The contrast of the high-glam earrings and low-key casual dress or jeans/t-shirt combination makes it all so delightfully unique and eye-catching. 

Look-at-me (a little) 

If you love bold bright colours but aren’t keen on hot pink jackets or turquoise silk pants, then statement earrings give you the pop of colour and adventure you’re seeking in your wardrobe. Unlike an expensive winter coat or shocking colour of hair dye, you can have a bit of fun with statement earrings, and update your wardrobe without parting with a fortune or making a style decision you’ll regret. 

Anything goes 

Your statement earrings look fabulous with a power suit, casual dress, pants and shirt, cocktail dress or evening gown. Has there ever been an accessory so versatile? 

Tis the season to be jolly

Dressing up on Christmas day is very much a thing. So if you love to make an effort on 25 December, statement earrings are ideal. And with approximately 137 Christmas gatherings and get togethers happening this year, you’ll love having a few sparkly somethings to throw on at the last minute to look extra special this silly season. 

Harness the power of gemstones with statement earrings 

One thing about statement earrings? The power of the gemstones within. If you need an extra dose of femininity, power or focus, these crystals can make the difference (and have you looking fabulous too. 

  • For calm: wear amethyst 
  • For joy: wear aquamarine 
  • For inspiration: wear citrine
  • For balance: wear emerald 
  • For energy: wear garnet 
  • For wisdom: wear larimar 
  • For compassion: wear moonstone 
  • For fun at a party: wear morganite 
  • For protection from negative energy: wear opal 
  • For strength: wear onyx 
  • For celebrating femininity: wear pearl 
  • For good performance: wear peridot 
  • For love and compassion: wear rose quartz
  • For willpower: wear ruby 
  • For discipline and focus: wear sapphire 
  • For creativity: wear turquoise 
  • For self confidence: wear white topaz

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