How the boho style can make you look thinner?

How the boho style can make you look thinner?

It seems like everyone wants to look slimmer or thinner these days...

Unfortunately, when these conversations start, the topic is often about unrealistic eating plans or cleansing routines. Thing is though, looking slimmer doesn't have to involve torturing and possibly harming your body and your health.

Knowing how to wear jewellery to create the best look that you want for your body shape is a great asset to have. Bohemian jewellery style has a lot to offer for creating a slimmer and flattering look. With the right pieces of boho jewellery you can make yourself look slimmer while maintaining your sanity and lifestyle.

Jewellery that helps to slim and flatter is often overlooked when talking about boho styling for women. And, because of that, let’s look at some helpful tips on how to accessorize with boho style jewellery and in particular modern bohemian styles to give you an extra boost on ideas of how to appear more slimmed down. 

Any jewellery, but particularly boho style jewellery can either accentuate your body shape or conceal your flaws. For those women who are a bit more bottom heavy, necklaces and pendants can umm.. redirect the focus from the bottom half to the top half. If everyone is looking at your necklaces they are not seeing whether you may or may not have put on a few K's on your bum! So layer a few shorter boho style necklaces.

I recommend going for something shiny in silver as a short necklace (like our Love Tags or Moonlight Raw Diamond Necklace. You can also add some pearls, gemstones or bold colours  with Desiderate Inca Rose Necklaces and our Tassel Necklaces! All amazing boho style pieces.


Adding a touch of glam will keep all eyes on your top half & that works if you are a small busted woman too. This is where you get out your eye-catching long necklace and wear it proudly. The necklace will add some length to your upper body and accent your bust. Long necklaces work just as well for petite women as well as taller ladies.

Ladies who are looking for quite the opposite – you want to make those boobs look smaller so people can see your thin legs? Choose bohemian pendants and put them on a chain that stops right at the top of the dress, at the decolletage. Or choose a boho longer necklace that goes down longer to your chest or waist. Just avoid anything that sits at your cleavage ... if you don't wan't all eyes there .. and if you do? Go right ahead! just one statement boho style piece.

Next .. bangles & bracelets! Chunky bangles and bracelets take peoples eyes straight to your wrists and if these are slim the stack those bangles up in full boho style, if your wrists are a little wider and your prefer not to draw attention there? wear a few smaller modern bohemian pieces or choose one statement boho bangle to wear at a time or a few smaller bracelets.

Earrings are your friend! Seriously, for anyone! Put a killer pair of earrings on and nobody is going to look anywhere but at your face .. The earrings bring the eye to your face and no one sees anything else! So check Desiderate's awesome collection of boho style silver earrings, modern bohemian pearl earrings, hoops and more!

Looking for some boho-fashion inspo? Check out Modella’s range of bohemian dresses and choose your fave to flatter your body type and individual style. 

So there you go? Get shopping at or by clicking any of the images to have a closer look.


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