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How To Clean Pearls

Pearls are surprisingly durable and can retain their exquisite lustre for many years.
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It's important to remember that pearls are an organic gem though and here's some tips to clean your pearls and keep them looking their best.
Ideally, any makeup and hair products should be applied before you put your pearls on. Pearls are porous, and contact with moisturisers, sunscreens and deodorants isn't a good thing as it can dull their lustre and cause marks and spots.
Also keep perfume away from them! Avoid spraying it where you intend to wear your pearls.
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It's best to keep your pearls in the soft pouch we send them to you in, you don't want them scratched or marked by throwing in a box together with other jewellery.
Did you know that pearls can absorb colour? So not a good idea to keep them in coloured boxes or pouches.
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Wearing your pearls often is good for them, the natural oils in your skin keep them lubricated and lustous.
But, not while you're playing sports, perspiration causes them to become dull and marked.
Also take them off when you're swimming or showering and avoid any contact of them with chlorinated water.
To clean pearls just wipe over with a damp cloth, there's no need for any other cleaning method and any cleaning products can harm them.
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