How To Wear Pearls the Modern Way

How To Wear Pearls the Modern Way


You've noticed that everywhere you look this season you're seeing pearls, right?

On hair clips, shoes and bags. On glasses, belts and in all the mags.

Pearl earrings, bracelets, rings and more are in the windows of every store!


You might ask 'Are pearls in fashion? or How do I wear pearls the modern way?'

And the answer is a big YES, pearls are back in fashion!

I'm willing to bet you won't open a fashion magazine this season that doesn't feature pearl jewellery.

Now I don't blame you for previously thinking that pearls were something you didn't wear or could borrow from your Grandmother if you ever needed to.

The key word here though is PREVIOUSLY. 

Pearl Jewellery has made a comeback over the last couple of years and is the hottest trend of 2020.snip

Not perfectly creamy round pearls that bring royalty to mind though and we're not talking about a single strand of pearls like you'd see at a 1950's ball worn by women in unflattering matronly dresses either.

The modern way to wear pearls is very much more is MORE

Pearls Desiderate Jewellery

Think layers of pearls. Misshapen pearls. Coloured pearls.

And winning the fashion stakes are pearls in silver.


Wearing pearls the modern way is all about the layers.

Gone are the days where one simple strand of pearls was appropriate, double them, quadruple them and then add more! Try our Pearl Layer Necklace and Bracelet.

Coco Chanel once said  'A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls' and do you remember how Madonna wore them? These quintessential women of style royalty didn't hold back and 2020 fashion is taking a tip from them and it is this: You can't overdo it, if you're not sure, add one more.


Baroque Pearls in all different shapes and sizes are highly sought after NOW!

The beauty of them is the way that no two are exactly the same. Enjoy the uniqueness and the beauty in their irregularities.

Mix the sizes and colours up, wear big pearls with small, creamy pearls with blue, golden pearls with pink and add black pearls into the mix.


You can still go under the radar with dainty pearl earrings which will always be a fashion staple but pearl earrings no longer stop at simple studs.

Modern pearl earrings are more bold, combining Baroque and Keshi pearls with both shiny silver and brushed textures.

Trending pearl earrings are a bit more out of the box, showing up in hoops and with tassels.

If you're wondering which pearl earrings you need this season? I recommend our Ondulata Hoops for their unique shape in shiny silver with floating Baroque pearls seemingly balancing on them and the Pearl Drop Hoops for the way you'll wear them constantly. From beach to boardroom.


Wear your pearls with everything.

All pearls work casually, add a long layer or a choker style pearl necklace or even a more simple strand to jeans and a Tee-shirt to look effortlessly stylish.

Don't forget a pair of pearl hoops with your favourite boho dress as well as a few pearls rings, bracelets and whatever other pieces you have to complete the look. Pearl bracelets and earrings are perfect with your short suits and I even wear pearls to the supermarket.



One of the newest trends this year is pearls embellished with gems. Have you seen our Baroque Beauty Starlight Rings, earings and necklaces?

Lustrous pearls with sparkly Cubic Zirconias set into the face of the pearl for a fascinating and alluring presence never before seen in pearl jewellery.


Not only is there nowhere you shouldn't be wearing pearls this season, the lustre of pearls is flattering to all skintones, hair colours and makes your eyes shine.

It's no secret that I have an ongoing love affair with the beauty and uniqueness of pearls and will never stop wearing them.

Keep checking in to see my latest designs.





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