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Introducing Thirroul Collective - Your one-stop-shop for gifts in Wollongong

Thirroul Collective - Your one-stop-shop for gifts in Thirroul

Where to buy Jewellery in Wollongong area?

Did you know the Desiderate Jewellery collection doesn’t just live within the virtual world and you can actually browse some of the range in store?

Our range of boho style and silver and gemstone jewellery have a second home - a physical shopfront called the ‘Thirroul Collective’ and you can see it here:

Located 13km north of Wollongong in the tranquil seaside suburb of Thirroul, the store displays a range of unique gift ideas from a dozen or more businesses. You can find anything from essential oil blends and holistic skincare hand blended by  I Am Aromatics beautiful baby accessories, candles from Coal Coast Candles, men's gifts and fabulous family games, to fashionable pet accessories and bohemian clothing. 

It's actually a true collective with each actually being an individual business with their own entity but combined in one beautiful shop.

So if you’re looking for the perfect present for your mum, wife, grandma, sister, bestie, or furry companion, or even man ...come on down and unearth the treasures within.

Why I began creating unique jewellery on the Coal Coast

In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Janine and I’m the founder of Desiderate Jewellery.

With a love of gemstones and pretty things, plus a background in colour and design, I decided to create a jewellery label and started an online store in 2017. 

My aim is to provide beautiful pieces that aren’t available in your typical jewellery shops. 

I like to say Desiderate Jewellery is ‘not quite Tree of Life, but not quite Michael Hill.’  It's a little bit earthy in an upmarket type of way. If you’re familiar with my pieces, you’d know what I mean!

I specialise in using meaningful gemstones and silver to produce jewellery that gives women confidence to effortlessly express their natural style. 

I enjoy showcasing the beauty of the gemstones in my pieces, while also being fascinated by the meanings and spiritual aspects. If you believe in that stuff, great. If not, you’ve still got something pretty to wear!

About the designs

My designs are aimed at women from all walks of life and are set at varying price points. Whether you’re after a forever piece or a simple token of thanks, or a fashion piece to wear occasionally, there’s something for everybody and every occasion.

The gemstones are sourced from all over the world, many from India and Herkimer County USA, and I also incorporate a lot of pearls, which come from Lombok, Indonesia.

With over 700 styles, many of the pieces are designed by me and ethically produced by my craftsmen in India and Indonesia and some styles come from artisans over there. 

On that note - most of my providers are doing it tough during the current pandemic. So by purchasing our products you’re also supporting struggling overseas families who have no other form of income apart from the pieces they make for Desiderate. Our designs are keeping the craftsmen and their families afloat.

If you’re already a customer or considering a purchase, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you. 

What is the Thirroul Collective?

Back in 2018, a prime location shopfront became available in Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul. Sheralee from The Eclectic She Shed jumped on the opportunity to turn her usual market stall into a pop-up shop.

I knew Sheralee mainly through our children at school together and both of our families love for the snow. Her idea was to showcase items from a variety of local business owners, each sharing space in a shop to create a haven of beautiful and interesting temptations with a no-compete motto and a community spirit.

Initially, I decided to sign up for a 3-month trial and now Desiderate Jewellery has been a part of The Collective for over a year!

I love being part of the Thirroul Collective amongst a very supportive group of business owners.

We all have our own areas to display our gift items and Sheraalee manages the staff and administration side.

So if you like what you see on the Desiderate Jewellery website, but want to view the piece in real life, it’s the perfect place to go. If pre-arranged, I can even meet you there and help make your gift-giving decision.

It’s a beautiful shop. You float on in with this enchanting cloud of fragrance. That’s thanks to the diffusers of aromatherapy blends and coal coast candles.

Thirroul Collective has not only become a tourist hot-spot. It’s also a popular hang out for locals - and a less crowded shopping option in recent months.

Who’s part of the Thirroul Collective?

Apart from Desiderate Jewellery, the store consists of a beautiful range of items from the following artisans -

 If you’re a local, or don’t mind a little drive down the coast, I invite you to come along and support some passionate local Wollongong business owners.

You never know what treasures you’ll find!

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  • Melissa Gale

    It’s a pleasure working alongside you and your beautiful gems. – Melissa (I Am Aromatics)

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