It's Sagittarius Season

It's Sagittarius Season

What are Sagittarius like?

Happpppy birthday Sagittarius! Now if it is one sign that knows how to have a good time, kick up their heels and party it’s my fabulous Sagittarians - my other favourite sign.  I am a Gemini Sun with Sagittarius Rising.  It means that when people first meet me, they actually meet a Sag. Loud, fun and adventurous and interestingly enough my two children are little Sagittarians too.  Our household is always full of fun!  

So here we are.  Having now left the intensely deep and secretive sign of Scorpio where the energy was heavy and felt tough to navigate through.  Deep thoughts, paranoia and fears were around us but not anymore.  There is much more lightness in the air and the energy is electric.  Sagittarius impatiently says, “Ok folks, who is ready for an adventure because I’ve had my bags packed since last week!”.  Hold on to your hats because we are ready to go and explore about the wonderfully optimistic sign of Sag!! 


Sagittarius is ruled by what us Astrologers call the Great Benefic which is Jupiter.  Wow, what a planet he is.  Huge, out there, full of abundance and blessings, brings fun, wisdom and gives us the confidence to move forward in life.  Jupiter is said to expand all he touches, so wherever Jupiter is in your birth chart he will ‘expand’ or bring ‘blessings’ to that area of your life.  Jupiter does not mean any harm, he is just eternally optimistic but sometimes he can also make us overindulge in some areas.  He can also bring about greed, over confidence and exaggeration even.  Sagittarius loves weaving a good story, but have you ever noticed how over the top their recollection can be ha?  They certainly do not mean any harm – they just like to embellish things a wee bit…. Or a big bit but we love them for it.  

In the wonderfully magical Tarot Deck Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) is represented by the 10th card in the Major Arcana called The Wheel of Fortune.  Here we learn that change is necessary to expand ourselves.  To come out of our fixed beliefs and take charge of challenges that are coming our way.  They are usually positive provocations because the Wheel brings ‘forced’ change to us.  He wants us to have new blessings and fortune coming our way, and who wouldn’t want that? 

Are Sagittarius fun?


Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur who was half man, half horse and who aimed his arrow high and far into the world of adventures and new ideas.  Sagittarius is the most positive and optimistic of the signs.  They are forever seeing things as glass half full but can be very righteous in the way they go about it.  The energy is excitable but sometimes can be overbearing if others are not on the same path as their arrow is on.  They always insist on the truth though and they can be blunt, tactless, forthright, honest, and basically have no filter but mean no harm.  They will actually be really surprised if you are offended because for them, they are just telling it how it is! 

What are Sagittarius like?

In a nutshell – travelling especially long distance and overseas travel. Exploring the world.  Seeing new countries.  Immersing themselves in different and unusual cultures that can also test their spirituality and philosophical views.  They like to absorb these energies to then teach to others.  
Sagittarians are the Teachers of the Zodiac.  What they pass on to you they believe will bring about fulfilment that holds philosophical views and beliefs.  Religion can be important to them or not so important.  They have their beliefs in the matter and will stick by it.  Do not tell them what to do or how to think as you’ll be met with a blank stare of resistance and defiance.  They will then want to challenge your beliefs because they feel what they believe is gospel.  

Sagittarians are exuberantly excitable!!!  They love people and are commonly referred to as ‘people person’s’.  They are enthusiastic about life, love to challenge themselves and those around them.  Freedom is especially important to a Sag.  You may hear them saying “don’t fence me in’ – if you do, they will react and run for the hills even more.  They are in constant search of the meaning of life, what makes you tick and is there really a God up there? Sagittarians are extremely charming.  They have the loudest laugh of the signs and are often seen throwing their head back when laughing raucously.  They are loud, unapologetic, and basically rarely give a single f$%& if they think they have offended you or you them.  They just don’t care.  

As a Sag matures and grows older so does their wisdom and philosophies on life.  They become a bit more toned down but not so much that you’ll miss their over-the-top persona’s.  They seek spiritual development, challenge the meaning of life, and become more deeply philosophical.  The go from being the class clown to the more enlightened one and that is how they mature.

Quite obviously a Sagittarius would make an amazing Travel Consultant!  The only problem with that is resisting the urge to also book themselves on every trip possible.  As mentioned previously they make wonderful teachers and can impart knowledge and wisdom in this area.  Sporting professionals, Publishers, Hospitality workers, Missionaries, Priests, Personal Trainers and Tour Guides are the perfect fit for our fun-loving Sagittarians.  


The best birthstone or gem for a Sagittarius or those born in December is Turquoise.  It was once seen as a ‘spiritual’ stone that protected the wearer from harm.  It is said to bring a source of hope and optimism to the wearer and is excellent for depression and exhaustion.  It promotes self-realisation, honesty and finding your inner calm through spiritual healing. Sometimes our beautifully excitable Sagittarians can border on self-martyrdom so this stone dissolves and balances that area.  Wow – so perfectly perfect for our fun-loving Sag family and friends!

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