Keeping Your Silver Jewellery Shiny

Keeping Your Silver Jewellery Shiny

Sterling silver is a natural material, and reacts with its environment, especially the chemicals in the air and over time, silver can become tarnished. This doesn’t mean that your fabulous new piece of silver jewellery is defective, far from it, it just proves that your beautiful accessory is good quality silver. But of course you want to keep your silver jewellery shiny.

Don't rub your silver jewellery with anything other than a polishing cloth. Tissue paper or paper towels can cause scratches because of the fibres in them.

Desiderate Ultrasoft Silver Jewellery Cleaning Cloth is for polishing and cleaning silver jewellery. The convenient 2-step silver cleaning system makes it easier to remove tarnish and helps to prevent further tarnish build-up.

Step 1: Use the inner cloth to remove dirt and tarnish. The polishing cloth also applies Desiderate exclusive anti-tarnish formula. 

Step 2: Finish by buffing and polishing silver with the Ultrasoft outer cloth for gleaming shiny silver jewellery.

Store your silver jewellery in the pouch it comes in or a soft cloth in a dry place and avoid it coming into contact with chemicals.  

You can buy a Desiderate Ultrasoft Silver Jewellery Cleaning Cloth for $14.95

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