Lucky Three Collection

Lucky Three Collection


Do you toss a coin three times to determine the outcome?

If bad luck strikes twice, do you wait for the third unlucky event so that you know that the bad luck is finished?

Number three is a magical number for tons of people worldwide.

The magical number three … Loads of things come in threes … blind mice, porridge eating bears, musketeers, even meal deals have a burger, fries and a drink.

We measure time in three, present, past and future.

The universe has three forces, gravity, electric and magnetic.

Even water has three atoms - H2O

Keeping that in mind we bring to you our Lucky Three Collection.
The first release is our Gemstone Cocktail Rings. Let’s face it, you’re pretty lucky to be wearing one of these gorgeous Lucky Three Gemstone Rings.

If something happens once, we tend to think of it as chance, a fluke, if it happens twice it could be a coincidence  ... but if it happens three times? Well, doesn’t that have to mean something?

Personally, three is lucky for me. I have three wonderful children. I was one of three.

But, back to the Lucky Three Collection … I’ve decided to put three gemstones together to create striking cocktail rings that you will love. By harnessing the power of three, the meaning, qualities and powers of each stone is tripled.

Making them three times as lucky.

We've handcrafted them in Sterling Silver to follow the flow of the raw gem so each of these incredible Lucky Three Gemstone Cocktail Rings is absolutely unique.

While I was designing this new collection I kept in mind that often you like to wear a ring on different fingers, depending what other rings you’re wearing that day.

The Gemstone Rings can be gently adjusted to fit other fingers and you can get them over larger knuckles and squeeze them into fit snugly.

As women we often don’t value ourselves enough or realise our true worth and treating yourself to a Gemstone Cocktail Ring is empowering.

Sometimes you just have to say ‘I’m worth it’ and BELIEVE it. Sometimes you need to let another woman know that she is worth it! Pass that feeling onto another woman by gifting her with a Lucky Three Gemstone Ring.

 Read the descriptions on each of them to understand the meanings and powers of each gem.




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  • Gwenda

    Gorgeous rings and I really like the story behind the new line.

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