MEANINGFUL STONE COLLECTION Our new jewellery obsession!

MEANINGFUL STONE COLLECTION Our new jewellery obsession!

While we’re all for tackling a tricky accessory trend, it’s definitely a bit of a relief when an easy, wearable style comes onto the scene. The look of the moment?

Meaningful Stone Jewellery, crystal pieces that can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion. When you can rock a piece of jewellery from date night to the grocery store, we call it a WIN.That’s why this collection is so popular. From pendants, rings to earrings and bracelets we’ve got plenty to choose from.

Our favorite thing about them? Different meaningful stones offer different characteristics depending on the stone, so they’re not only stylish but a fun way to show off your personality and a perfect choice for a thoughtful gift!

Whether you’re looking to attract love or good health, peace or prosperity, find the stone that speaks to you.


Accessorize better, feel better! This dreamy clear crystal is known as the “master healer” and works to balance and revitalize your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It has also been associated with enhancing concentration and memory. The question is: What doesn’t this crystal do?

GIFT IDEAS: Rock Quartz will make her day a bit brighter. Give her the hope of healing and a speedy recovery!


Looking for a little more balance in your life? Amethyst promises to soothe the spirit, calm the soul, temper aggression and tame the irrational.

GIFT IDEAS: The Amethyst pieces are great for the yogi, the peaceful pal or the friend who could use a bit more zen in her world.


After a bit more of a peaceful life? Turquoise brings peace to the wearer, gives strength and protection from psychic harm.

GIFT IDEAS: Turquoise is the friendship stone. If given a Turquoise by a loving friend it will protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune.


Layer on a little love! Pretty, pink and utterly romantic the rose quartz is known as the stone of the heart. It exudes a soft feminine feel and is great for lowering stress levels, clearing away anger, jealousy and issues of resentment in the heart.

GIFT IDEAS: The rose quartz pendant, earrings and ring are perfect for the lady who means most to you— mum, your aunt, that friend who just went through a rough breakup— or anyone else who could use a little extra love.


So whether you’re looking to wish great health upon a friend, or add some new layers to your everyday look, the Meaningful Stone Collection is your go-to summer accessory (and gift!)

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