NEW! Labradorite in our Inca Collection!!!

NEW! Labradorite in our Inca Collection!!!

Meet the newest member of Desiderate stone family – Labradorite. Its deep greeny grey colouring with unique iridescent flecks make it the perfect stone to pair with Silver (which as you know we LOVE)

We get excited about Meaningful Stones, when they are in beautiful jewellery!

Labradorite is pronounced exactly as it appears and is all about transformation, growth and living-in-the-moment. It promotes a sense of work ethic and success, yet emphasises down time to be of equal importance. Labradorite personifies a work/life balance & running errands whilst ensuring time can be put aside to sit in that sunlight for your mid morning coffee. 

With balance being at the very core of Labradorite’s infectious lure, it’s no wonder we’ve included it in our Inca collection. 

Some days you need to take time to recuperate, de-stress and feel zero guilt about bingeing on back-to-back Netflix or the soapies or whatever your thing is. If you don’t take time out for you … you will not be as productive for your business or for your family/job etc. You have to prepare for the productivity that will follow.

Thanks for reminding us of the importance of balance, Labradorite!

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