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How to shop for Plus Size Rings

Women are beautiful no matter what their shape and size, and that goes for hands and fingers too. There is no one-size-fits-all with jewellery, and so it’s important to keep this in mind when purchasing a ring for yourself or as a gift.

If you’ve found yourself googling ‘Where to find plus size rings in Australia’ or are looking for hints and tips on how to shop for large sized rings for women, you’re in the right place. 

Here at Desiderate, we offer top quality silver rings to fit fingers of all sizes – rings for small fingers, rings for large fingers, and everything in between. Many of our customers have been told in the past that it can be difficult to find rings for ‘fat fingers’, but we do our best to cater for everyone! 

Most people will fit between a size 6 and size 10, but we offer sizing that caters from size 5 up to size 13. (This is great for ladies who have extra-tiny or extra-large fingers!)

If you’re looking for a plus size ring, a good place to start is to look at the band size itself. While some rings can be adjustable, any interference with ring bands can affect the integrity of the stones used within the pieces. That’s why we think it’s better to find a ring that fits from the beginning!  

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What style should I choose?

If you have chubby or thick fingers and are looking for a way to disguise their width, look for a thicker band and larger stone – this will help to keep everything in balance.

If you have short or stubby fingers, try to search for bands that are larger and show less skin, particularly on the sides of the stone.

If you have large sized hands, smaller rings can often be lost on them. Make sure you find a stone or design that is eye catching and/or with a stone that is appropriately sized, so that it catches the eye and takes the focus off the hands themselves.

If you have wide knuckles or plus size fingers, you can play with different settings to see what would suit you best. Look for settings with multiple stones or with attention-grabbing details, to help fill in some of the surrounding space and blend in with the size of your fingers.

If you’re not confident selecting a solid band, keep your eye out for rings that are listed as having adjustable bands. These are pieces that can be gently adjusted to fit most larger finger sizes.

How do I measure my ring size?

Nobody wants to have to go through the hassle of receiving a ring that does not fit your larger fingers, or waiting around for a return or replacement to be processed. Here are some of our best tips for figuring out what size you’ll need if you’re searching for plus size rings in Australia.

Did you know we have a handy ring size chart on our website?

If you don’t know your size, or have a ring that currently fits your finger, we can still help you find a way to measure your finger.

Check out our handy Ring Sizer tool!

This little beauty will take the guesswork out of determining your ring size. It’s easy to use, has free shipping (with code RSFS*) and may prevent having to exchange your purchase for another size further down the track.

So how does it work?

1. Order your Ring Sizer tool on the website.
2. Make the Ring Sizer into a loop.
3. Place the loop over the finger that you are looking to fit, gently pulling until it is a snug and comfortable fit.
4. Take note of the number next to the arrow on the inside of the Ring Sizer
5. Compare your measurement against our size chart. Repeat if necessary for peace of mind!

*Free shipping is available on this item only, will not be valid paired with other purchases.

Hot Tips for finding out your size:

  • Re-take your ring measurement using the Ring Sizer several times, to make sure your measurements are consistent. It’s always better to take your time! 

  • Make sure you are measuring the correct finger on the correct hand, as it is very common to need a larger size on your dominant hand.

  • If you can head out and visit a local jewellery store, ask them to measure your finger professionally. Don’t forget to write down the size in mm as well as letter, in case their charts are different.

  • Don’t forget your knuckles! If yours are particularly wide, it may have an impact as to whether your ring will fit you correctly.

  • The wider the band of a ring, the smaller it fits! If you are choosing a ring with a particularly wide band, it’s often best to go up a size.

Please note: If you are in between sizes, we always recommend that you opt for the larger ring size.

What else is important to know when choosing a plus size ring?

These are three important questions to focus on while you’re shopping:

1. Does it feel comfortable on my finger?
2. Does it complement my hand shape
3. Does it make me look and FEEL amazing?

If you’ve answered yes to all those questions, you’ve found the perfect plus size ring for you!

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