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Ring On Finger Meaning: Palmistry Meanings & Gemstone Connections

by Janine Leghissa, Desiderate’s founder and head jewellery designer  

Ring on Finger Meaning: Palmistry Meanings & Gemstone Connections

Recently a customer asked me about rings on finger meanings — does wearing a ring on a specific finger mean anything? And should you put certain gemstones on different fingers to amplify their power? And I confess, ring on finger meanings was not something I knew much about. So I decided to check it out. And I found quite a lot of information, based on the ancient practice of palmistry. 

So read on if you want to learn more about: 

  • what rings on each fingers mean 
  • how pairing gemstone on rings can evoke particular qualities 
  • how the aspects of palmistry allocate meanings to each finger 

It’s all very imprecise and unproven: but it’s fun! Let’s dive in. 

Traditional ring on finger meanings 

We all know that the left ring finger is the place for an engagement or wedding ring—but there’s a lot more rings on finger meanings to explore. And for men, wearing a ring on the pinky finger can symbolise wealth and status (or even a connection to the mafia in some cultures).

Ring finger meanings in palmistry

In traditional western palmistry, each finger is ruled by a different planet or Roman god. 

  • Index finger: Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, expansion, knowledge, luck and prosperity 
  • Middle finger: Saturn, planet of patience, devotion, obligation and apprehension
  • Ring finger: Apollo the sun god, representing health, vitality, grace and beauty 
  • Pinky/little finger: Mercury, representing relationships, communication, subconscious and logic 
  • Thumb: Mars, planet of energy, action and desire 

And we can do a little matching with gemstone meanings to create nice symbolic symmetry for ring on finger meanings.


  • Index finger: emerald for luck and prosperity 
  • Middle finger: garnet for presence, recovery and clarity that help calm worries 
  • Ring finger: citrine for sunlike warmth, creativity and positivity 
  • Pinky/little finger: aquamarine for healing, calm and lightness that supports Mercury’s communicative spirit 
  • Thumb: morganite for divinity, unconditional love, elevated spirit 

Finger meanings and star signs 

I also found that each finger has connections to star signs. 

Index finger: 

  • Aries (tip) 
  • Taurus (middle) 
  • Gemini (base) 

Middle finger: 

  • Capricorn(tip) 
  • Aquarius (middle) 
  • Pisces (base) 

Ring finger

  • Cancer (tip) 
  • Leo (middle) 
  • Virgo (base) 

Little/pinky finger: 

  • Libra (tip) 
  • Scorpio (middle) 
  • Sagittarius (base) 

Now we don’t tend to wear rings at the tip or middle of our fingers, so the signs that get the gemstone power are Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius. 

So if you are one of those signs, you might want to wear your corresponding birthstone on the finger to enhance its power: 

  • Gemini/Index finger: wear ametrine to restore balance or pearl to celebrate femininity 
  • Pisces/Middle finger: wear amethyst to stimulate healing 
  • Virgo/Ring finger: wear sapphire for strength, healing, truth and integrity 
  • Sagittarius/Pinky finger: wear blue topaz for loyalty, communication and relationships 

Confusingly, each finger also has connection to elements

Index finger: water signs 

  • Cancer 
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces 

Water signs are emotional, sensitive and intuitive. They make very loving partners and loyal friends.  Water signs are passive and reflective with powerful instincts, creative imaginations and strong memories. But they can suffer from stress and worry. Gemstones for water signs can enhance their instincts and provide protection for sensitive souls. 

Gemstones that complement water signs are: 


So if you’re a water sign, wear your gemstones on your index finger to magnify your strengths and protect your vulnerability to your weaknesses. 

Middle finger: earth signs 

  • Taurus
  • Virgo
  • Capricorn

Earth signs are practical, fixed, patient, practical and realistic. They are reliable, get-things-done types you can always depend upon. Earth signs are also stylish, sensual and a bit materialistic because they have expensive tastes. Gemstones for earth signs should enhance their powers of persistence, patience and determination and help them lighten up, as they can be too serious.  

Gemstones that complement earth signs are: 

So if you are an earth sign, wear these stones on your middle finger to enhance the desired qualities you wish to evoke. 

Ring finger: fire signs 

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius 

Fire signs are exuberant, passionate, adventurous and plenty of fun. If you want to party, you need fire signs to bring the fun, but they are easily distracted and irritated. They can be a bit bossy and intense so they need gemstones to cool their idealistic spirit. Gemstones for fire signs can elevate their positive, can-do attitude and enhance their communication skills. 

Gemstones that complement fire signs are: 

So if you are a fire sign, you might like to match these stones to your ring finger to capture the qualities you wish to manifest. 

Pinky/little finger: air signs 

  • Gemini
  • Libra
  • Aquarius

Air signs are intellectual, expressive, social and active. Air signs are able to see situations rationally without being clouded by emotions. They make excellent analysts because they are deep thinkers with a love for ideas, data and creativity. Air signs are excellent at reading others and exude a cool and calm aura. Gemstones can help ground daydreamy air signs and enhance their intellectual sharpness. 

Gemstones that complement air signs are: 

Air signs wanting to boost these qualities should be wearing the relevant gemstones on their little fingers for maximum effectiveness. 

Do hands have a difference in ring finger meanings? 

My research found that the left hand is about receiving energy, thinking and creation, whereas the right hand is about giving energy and physical action. So if you are not sure which hand to choose, this might help influence your decision. 

I also found that your dominant hand matters, and it’s a bit like the right brain/left brain duality. So your dominant hand is about action, logic, analysis and methodical approach. Whereas your non-dominant hand is about creation, artistry, intuition and emotion. So whichever quality you want to enhance will influence your placement on the appropriate ring finger meaning. 

What do you think?

Is it all a bit too complicated or is there some meaning to this ancient wisdom that has been passed down over centuries? 

Will you give it a try to see if there’s anything to it? 

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